I’m really back…with bake sale ideas!

Now I know its been a while (where did the last 5 months go?!) but I swear I am back for good this time!

Life has been so good and I have so much to share that I know I need to slow down, take pictures, and start bloggin’ again!

So since I last posted, I

finished my first year of HBA

section girls =)

– got a marketing internship with a great company  in Toronto

interns. love them!

– have been living at home again and loving the full kitchen, fridge and dishwasher! and family dinners of course.

dad, mom, sister and brother in law (so weird to call him that!)

all my favorites - roasted caul and potatoes, oven baked salmon, korean noodles, salad, and ketchup haha!

– bought lots of work clothes ( I now have a closet of work clothes and a closet of regular “summer” clothes and have no idea how I am fit all of this into my one tiny closet at school where I have my comfy school clothes)

– went to the beach – I ❤ summer!


– organized a bake sale at work and contributed these dipped beauties:

 pretzels. chocolate. sprinkles. yum.

dark chocolate dipped

Chocolate covered pretzels are so good and easy to make!

And so perfect for bake sales because they are:

cheap (you’ll have most of these ingredients in your cupboard already)

quick (no baking time required)

easy to transport (pretzels weigh next to nothing and take up hardly any space at all)

beeeeautiful (you’ll get to be the bake sale champ whose goodies sell out first!)

and you can make tons of them in one go.

All you need is:

– a microwave for melting your chocolate

pretzels – I used larger rods here but you can also use the skinny pretzels, regular twisted pretzels, protein pretzels, anything goes!

chocolate (dark, semi sweet, milk, white) for dipping and drizzling

SPRINKLES! (we all love sprinkles)

– crushed peanuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans

skor bits (amazing! especially with crushed peanuts)

crushed candies, m&m’s, smarties, etc.

baking sheet and wax paper to let the dipped pretzels dry on

refrigerator to harden the chocolate

Now, for the assembly:

1. Get your pretzels ready – pick out the broken pieces – and lay out on a baking sheet that is covered with wax paper

2. Get your toppings ready and put them into shallow bowls or plates (large enough to roll your pretzel in)

3. In a small bowl, melt your chocolate in the microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring in between

4. Dip your pretzel in the chocolate, using a spoon to help coat the rest

5. Roll the chocolate coated pretzel in toppings

6. Lay coated pretzel flat on the wax paper

7. Repeat!

8. Refrigerate the rods until chocolate hardens (I put mine in for an hour, but 20 minutes should be fine)

9. “Test” a few to make sure your topping combinations actually taste as good as they sound – they should.

10. Package them in clear baggies and tie with a pretty ribbon and you’re all set!

For some other bake sale ideas…

a classic: chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles!

dream bars...and me practicing my hand modeling!

caramel popcorn. tamira made this and was so delish!

chocolate mint cookies - tasted just like girl guide cookies but chewy! so good!

candied bacon...believe it or not, people loved this!

mocha cupcakes with coconut sprinkles!

All of us interns happen to be huge foodies and spend a fair bit of time talking about food (its normal for us to be discussing lunch options all morning, dinner plans during lunch..you get the idea) so when someone suggested holding a bake sale for one of sears’ charities, we all jumped on the idea and ended up raising about $25o for the boys and girls club!  Amazing.

And if you couldn’t tell already, it was a pretty legit bake sale…

all hands on deck

And it made monday morning fly by!

So if you have ever thought about having a bake sale at work, please do it!  Raise money for a good cause, show off your baking skills and take a half day “off” work – win, win, win situation and you already have a great recipe waiting!

This post took forever to write but I am so happy to be back!  I’ve been experimenting a lot with PUMPKIN (an obsession in the blog world) so look forward to a very orange next post =)

coming up next: pumpkin swiss roll!

Now tell me  – how have the last 5 months of YOUR life been??



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3 responses to “I’m really back…with bake sale ideas!

  1. welcome back to blogging! Sounds like a lot of great stuff has gone on. this is awesome! And that pumpkin roll is calling my name, haha. I am a little bit pumpkin obsessed!

  2. I did choco dipped pretzels for my hubbys bday and they were a HUGE hit. Actually I also dipped some in frosting and some in peanut butter. I think I ate more while making them than everyone else did at the party though 😉

  3. Stuart rubenstein

    Love your posting today. great ideas and excellent recipes and photo’s as well.


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