21st birthday and what’s comin’ up in August!

Heading back to school in less than one month (eeek! but so exciting at the same time – I miss my beautiful roomies and friends and school like you wouldn’t believe!), I realized I have lots to do, people to see and places to go in this last glorious month of summer.

August always seems to be the busiest and best month of the year. 3 big birthdays (mine, bff’s and roomie’s); and this year, being our 21st birthdays, I am looking forward to some good times!

August so far:

1 – civic holiday; went hiking with the fam

2 – SYTYCD and sushi dinner


4 – coffee with a friend after work and bought these beautiful shoes! happy early birthday to me!


5 – my early birthday/end of summer celebrations with work friends  + lost my phone Sad smile


6 – recovering and missed the backstreet boys concert Thumbs down


Recovery food – whole wheat KD (yup, even hung over, I choose whole wheat) with broccoli and tuna


7 – still recovering Sick smile


but doing better – cravings for pb and oats are back!


Coming up this month!

8 – dinner/drinks here with last year’s work friends – can’t wait to see you girls!!

9 – Billy Elliot the musical! + dinner downtown

12 – drinks/going out for Bff’s birthday

13 – drinks/going out for roomie’s birthday

14 – 5 k run with bff!

15 – driver’s test – eeeek!

20 – 21 – camping for my actual birthday!

26 – last day of internship =(

26 – 29 – sister and phil visiting; wonderland and CNE

30 – haircut and then moving back to school!

31 – 4 – job training

7 – school starts!

Of course in between all of this, I will be going to zumba classes on tuesdays/thursdays and hot yoga classes on wednesdays as often as I can.  When life gets busy like this, it’s hard to squeeze in exercise so I just do the best I can, taking the stairs instead of elevators, taking a walk at lunch, squat while brushing my teeth (really!).  It all balances out and really, living life and celebrating, going out and seeing friends is way more important to me than sticking to a strict exercise schedule or diet.

So as you can see, it’s going to be a busy, busy month but it’s all exciting stuff! You can bet I’ll be blogging and taking pictures as much as I can; I want to remember every last minute of this summer.


Question: How was your 21st birthday? What did you do to celebrate?

I am lucky enough to celebrate a few times with different groups of friends! 

This weekend, as I said, I went out with work friends and had SO much fun even though I am still feelin’ it now and the thought of anything other than carbs still makes me nauseous. And I lost my phone. But silver lining – may get an iphone now!

Then, on my real birthday weekend, I’m going camping with friends from school!

And probably a few dinners here and there with other friends and family Smile 


Hope you all had a good weekend!



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4 responses to “21st birthday and what’s comin’ up in August!

  1. Happy Birthday!!!!

    My 21st just passed and it was a ton of fun. I got to celebrate for a whole week, basically. My favorite part was going parasailing!

  2. Happy belated bday!! My bday is actually on valentines day, so my bday was spent making a love day dinner for my hubby 🙂

  3. Girl! It looks like you are buuuusy! But it all looks like “fun busy” so that’s good news! My 21st birthday kind of got overlooked since I got married 2 weeks later. It’s all good, though, I definitely am glad I got married! 😀

  4. AWW happy late birthday!!! AHHH what a fun time you have had lately! love it!! so glad you had a fun bday girl. mine was awesome, it was in june and i got to see all my friends!!

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