WIAT(uesday) and SYTYCDC (anada) live taping!

A little acronym heavy I know, but I figured it would make a better title than “What I Ate Tuesday and So You Think You Can Dance Canada live taping”.

Anyways, let’s get right to it!  Going back to work/life after a beautiful long weekend is not always easy.  However, this time, I had no trouble at all going through my day because I had packed a lunch bag full of good and healthy meals/snacks and I had tickets to see the live results show for So You Think You Can Dance Canada right after work!  But more about that later on!


WIAT (uesday)

I started my morning like I do every work day: grabbing from the fridge my pre-packed (the night before) tupperware containers of the snacks and meals for the day at the office.  Stuffing it all into my little plaid lunch bag (that somehow expands to fit absolutely everything!), I grabbed my tumbler full of green tea and headed out the door with my dad.

Waiting for train with my tumbler and lunch bag in tow.  Yes, this is what I wear to work, minus the flip flops; it’s an awesome environment, you can dress pretty comfortably and casually.


This is my trusty lunch bag;


And a look at what went inside;


Breakfast on the train to work was pumpkin overnight oats with a big scoop of pb and bran flakes added in the morning.


I always pack breakfast to eat on the train because I get a little more time in the morning and I get lots of time to enjoy breakfast instead of shovelling it down at 6:30 am. 


Then it was snack time – I had the pear and a big handful of unpictured walnuts. They are currently my favourite nut and good thing too, because I keep reading how they are just jam packed with nutrients. Eating just 1 oz or 14 shelled halves meets the RDA of omega 3 fatty acids!


For lunch, I had packed leftovers from last night’s dinner – steamed cauliflower and bok choy, and baked chicken and tofu with a side of organic baby carrots and roasted buttercup squash.  Dessert was an absolutely perfect nectarine as seen in the picture above.  This meal definitely helped me fill my veggie quota for the day!



For my afternoon snack, I wanted something warm and sweet.  Our office is absolutely freezing and a warm drink to sip on as I worked was just what I needed.  I grabbed my friend and went down to Starbucks to pick up a venti skinny caramel macchiato that looked something like this:

Back at my desk, I sipped away and snacked on my homemade pumpkin puffs but in whoopie pie form! I just took 2 of the puffs and sandwiched light cream cheese in between. This was the perfect 3pm pick-me-up and it was a lot healthier and lighter than what I could have easily ordered at Starbucks: a regular caramel macchiato with extra caramel and pumpkin loaf. Little swaps like this go a long way!


A couple more hours of work and then it was time to head over to Showline Studios to watch the live taping of SYTYCDC!

I absolutely love this show and find it so motivating to watch when I’m doing yoga/weights in front of the tv!  So when my friend scored some (free!) tickets to watch the live results show, I was ecstatic.  They have some fantastic dancers this season and each one of them is so incredibly talented and makes me wish I could dance! 

Unfortunately, no cameras, cell phones or recording devices were allowed inside the studio but I did manage to snap one photo outside in the holding area.


Ahh the show was so good!  It was amazing to watch them dance live and you could just see and feel their passion for dance in their movements and faces.  All of their routines were just beautiful and reminded me of my gymnastics days!

After the show, we ended up taking an hour and a half stroll back to the heart of downtown Toronto and sat down for dinner at a little sushi place.


Starting with miso soup and green salad, I moved onto assorted sushi and california rolls.  This is a standard order for me, of all my favourites, but you really can’t go wrong with Japanese food, especially in the summer – it’s fresh and light, filled with healthy fats like avocado and fish oils, super tasty and filling.


Oh and I wanted to show you how I always cut my sushi.  They have to be in halves or thirds like this, otherwise I get grossed out by the sliminess of the raw fish. Weird I know.

After dinner, I headed to the bus station and finally made my way home.  It was a great day but a very long day for sure!

So that wraps up my first WIAW post.  I don’t think I could photograph every single thing I ate every single day but this was fun!  Thanks to Peas and Crayons for starting this!

Talk soon!



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3 responses to “WIAT(uesday) and SYTYCDC (anada) live taping!

  1. Aww happy first WIADay! 🙂 How cool that you got to go to SYTHCD! My friends at work all love that show and I’ve seen it with them a couple of times. I think it’d be really cool to see it live. 🙂

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  3. AHHHH I’m going to SYTYCD this week!!!! In the US 🙂 It is my all time favorite show ever!

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