My current food obsessions + perfect overnight oats

Hello hello!

I have lots to share! My days have been jam packed with interviews and cake baking and going to organic conferences (tell ya about it next time!) but I have been managing to fit in lotsa veggies and healthy meals! 

One thing I have noticed is that I tend to eat the same things, just on rotation.  My roommates make fun of me because I will just be in loveee with oatmeal or sweet potatoes (last year I think I had a sp everyday for a couple of months) and eat it all. the. time.

And then I get sick of it, hate it and can’t even think about eating it for the next few months, and then it comes back into the rotation!

I felt better reading Lo‘s post, at least I’m not the only one. Right??

But I eat what I like and like what I eat so I’ve decided to embrace it and go with my obsessions. 

My current obsessions:

Giannttt salads with leftovers from dinner

They’re super filling and tasty and the best way to use up leftovers.  Seriously, throw in anything you have left over from the night before and you have yourself an healthy meal right away.

hugeee salad with mushrooms, tofu and b sprouts

more sprouts!

more giant salads! with roasted veg and chicken

For breakfasts and post workout snacks,

I have still been loving on the  yogurt messes.  Just scoop a cup or so of plain yogurt, sprinkle with cin, chop up some fruit and a few handfuls of cereal! And of course, a pb spoon.  I find that that is the best way to make sure you don’t “lose” your pb in the yogurt.

My favourite mixes include:

– 1/2 cup corn bran (like puffins, they’re big and airy and don’t sog, score!)

– 1/2 cup nature’s path blueberry cinnamon optimum (you all know how much I love this cereal)

– sliced banana

– spoonful Kraft natural pb


my current favourite mix

There’s lots of protein in this so its especially great for after a workout to replenish and feed those muscles! 

And a perfect breakfast – the mix of protein and fat and carbs fills you right up and starts your day off right.  I know I need a big breakfast or I am just ravenous the entire day!

Case in point:

makings of a perfect bfast: egg whites, banana, oatmeal and pb

 I am also loving this new way I am making my oats! I fix it the night before and when I stumble into the kitchen in the morning at 6:45, I pop my bowl in the microwave and breakfast is easy.

my "overnight" oatmeal

Here is my version of overnight oats because to me, oats should be warm and I just can’t stand cold overnight oats!  The oats come out plump and perfect after soaking all night! Pleaseee try it; you will start to love mornings, I promise.

Danica’s Overnight Oats


– 1/2 cup oats

– 1/2 cup silk soy milk

– 1/2 water

What to do:

– combine in microwavable bowl and pop in the fridge overnight

– in the morning, shove it in the microwave for 3 mins

– stir, stir, stir and put it in for 1 more min

– let sit for a few minutes so oats get nice and plump

– serve with egg whites and pb and a banana. feel free to mix them all, or eat seperately like I do!

(microwaved) scrambly egg whites

And another benefit to prepping breakfast before, you have extra time to sleep in, get perrrty, grab snacks and spend some time reading as you enjoy your perfect oats!

my book of choice - the bible!

One last thing before I go, a sneak peak of the most delisssssh deep chocolate birthday cake! I baked it for my friend Lucy’s 20th birthday and got rave reviews from everyone! Recipe to come!

homemade birthday cake

 Be back soon with a recap of the Guelph Organic Conference, chocolate cake recipe and pictures from the party!

One last thing:

Do you feel like you are in a food rut or have food obsessions?? Tell me about them!



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5 responses to “My current food obsessions + perfect overnight oats

  1. i try to get myself out of them when i can, but i ALWAYS have oats fro breakki!

  2. I definitely get in food ruts but I’ve been switching things up lately by trying out a lot of new recipes from some cookbooks.

    Girl that cake looks delicious! I bet your friend loved it. 🙂

  3. I love your current obsessions! I am in love with oats and overnight oats right now too:) Have you ever added chia seeds to your oats? It gives it SO much volume and makes them really creamy! I highly recommend;) Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, I can’t wait to read more of yours!

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