Why don’t you like me?

Hey guys!!
I just wanted to say hi and tell you about this amazing deal on BRUSSELS SPROUTS you have to check out!

cutest picture ever

My friend found this picture when I told him to pick me a new profile pic on fb!  I thought it was just too cute and knew that you guys would probably be the only ones that would appreciate it.

He found it on this website.  It’s got a ton of cute personalized t-shirts and things, kind of like Threadless!

 Anyways! I just wanted to tell all of my Ontario friends out there that there is an incredible sale on b sprouts at Loblaws this week – $0.99 per pound!!!  The sale ends on THURSDAY so stock up before then! 

Brussels sprouts (or b-sprouts as I call them) as you probably know, are fantastic for you.  I really don’t understand why they have such a bad rep when they are so so good for you and incredibly tasty!

If you haven’t tried these sprouts or are looking for a reason to try them again, maybe you will be encouraged knowing these fun nutritional stats:

– belong to the disease fighting family of cabbage

– low in calories, high in fibre and protein (compared to other vegetables)

– just one cup contains 81% of your daily required vitamin C (helpful for your immunity and fighting those winter colds!) and 135% of your DRA of Vitamin K and 93.6mg of folate

cancer protective properties

– can have cholesterol lowering benefits when steamed (fiber binds with the bile acids in your digestive tract when steamed = easier to be excreted = lower cholesterol!)

– really important not to overcook because it loses its nutritional value, tastes bitter and emits that sulfur (fart) smell!

Britain’s most hated vegetable in 2002! (really??)


I bought about 3 pounds on Satuday and have gone through them all already!? I might have a little obsession because I am going back tomorrow and buying more.  Needless to say, I have cooked up a lot of b – sprouts this week! 

Here are some of the ways I have cooked ’em up this week:

1. Boiled with a dash of salt and pepper

2. Roasted with EVOO + garlic powder + sald + pep (my fav!)

dinner! roasted b-sprouts, asparagus, tofu with peanutty sauce on the side!


3. Quick Roasted (Pan fried) when I’m too hungry to wait for them to roast

My Quick Roast Recipe at the end of post!

sprouts with kale chips!

4. Scrambled up with eggs

egg scramble with onions, mushrooms, b sprouts and cheeese all wrapped in a Sundried tomato La Tortilla wrap!

come closerrr

5. In pasta mixed with red sauce


Danica’s Quick Roast (pan fried) B-Sprouts


– as many brussels sprouts as you would like  (who cares if you have a fiber baby/gas??)

– 1/2 cup water (just enough to fill the frying pan with a cm of water)

– PAM (cooking spray) + salt + pep + garlic powder


– wash b – sprouts carefully, removing outer layer and end; cut in half

– heat water in pan (med-high) until light boil

– throw sprouts in the pan and cover with a lid for about 5- 7 minutes

– take lid off; let rest of water evaporate

– spray sprouts with PAM and toss with spices

– let sprouts brown, stirring occasionally so they don’t burn!

– enjoy your quick roast b-sprouts!


Peanutty Sauce

– 2 tbsp each hoisin sauce and peanut butter (I like crunchy natural salted)

– 1 tsp fresh minced garlic or garlic powder

– dash chili flakes

– water or soy milk to thin (I use a couple tbsps)


– mix together vigorously adding water/soy milk to get to your desired consistency

– use as a dipping sauce for b-sprouts and tofu, sauce for noodles and stir fries, sweet tater topper.

As much as I love these recipes, I’d love to hear – what’s your favorite way to enjoy sprouts??



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3 responses to “Why don’t you like me?

  1. I’m learning to love b-sprouts! I used to hate them a lot. I like mine roasted with garlic and olive oil, black pepper, and a drizzle of maple syrup!

  2. I love brussel sprouts! I used to steam them, and I thought they were just so-so, but once I started roasting them, I started loving them!

    I’ve never thought of putting them in an egg scramble though. Great idea! 😀

  3. Aww that really is the cutest picture! Poor brussel sprouts!

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