BAKING extravaganza SNEAK PEAK!

I am currently in the middle of a 48 hour report so I gotta make this quick!

this is "it" - THE granola bar!!

I have been baking lots lately! In addition to keeping my taste testing skills sharp, I like to bake because

– I find whipping eggs, creaming butter and mixing dough to be the best way to relieve stress


granola bar mix-ins


– the house is warm and cozy and smells fantastic – like a giant (almost vegan) cookie!

oh-my-goodness-fantastic rocky road (optionally) vegan cookies

– cookies always make great “thank-you-for-giving-me-rides” or “feel better soon” presents

wrapped up and ready to go!

– you don’t need to brave the cold to get bread to make your turkey sandwich (yes, I finally baked bread!)

deeelicious homemade of BREAD!

– you get lots of extra house-mate points when your stressed-out roomies find brownies and granola bars waiting on the counter

chewy, hearty, filled-with-goodness granola bars

– you get to experiement with recipes and sneak as much healthy stuff as you can into a not-so-healthy recipe – I like challenges, what can I say?

dark chocolate raspberry muffins

Be back soon!! 40 hours more and I’m homeeee for Reading Week!! aka Canadian university students’ “spring break”.  I’ll be sharing these recipes and a baking photo shoot soon!

I want to know,

What are you looking forward to doing on your Reading Week/Spring Break?

Or for those of you in the working world, what are your most memorable spring break stories??



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13 responses to “BAKING extravaganza SNEAK PEAK!

  1. Omg so many baked goods I’m so jealous!! If you ever get overflowed with goodies you are more than welcome to send some my way 😀

  2. Oh yikes, I’ve heard about those 48 hour cases from my friends in Ivey. They sound brutal. Good luck girl! 🙂

    This entire post looks so yummy. I love homemade granola bars!

  3. oh boy i sure wish i were in that kitchen to eat all the things you made!

  4. My favorite spring breaks were probably my first two in college. The first year I went to Daytona Beach, FL and the second year I went to New York. Good stuff. 🙂

  5. Yum! All those baked goods look delicious. Especially those dark chocolate raspberry muffins. 🙂

  6. I relieve stress by baking, too! Around mid-terms and finals I love giving baked goods to my fellow students. Baking relaxes me, and a freshly baked muffin or cookie always gets a smile. Seems like a win-win! Great job with baking bread :). There is something so rustic and romantic about baking bread. Not to mention it always perfumes the house with the most wonderful scent.

    Have a lovely day!

  7. SO TRUE. To relieve stress I always bake or gym.
    And its the easiest gift cause you always have everything you need right in your kitchen

  8. hey girl! thanks for stopping my my bloggity blog. 🙂

    I REALLY want to try those dark chocolate raspberry muffins, and granola bars have been on my to-bake list for a while now.

    last year, for our last spring break in college, my best friends and I went on a Bahama cruise. it was AWESOME, and it’s going to be so depressing not having a spring break for the first time in the “real world” this year.


  9. I love baking too. I could bake all day, in fact sometimes I do!! 🙂

  10. Wow girl you baked up a storm! Those muffins were calling to me in particular 😉

    I cannot WAIT for spring break! This year I’m not going anywhere – I’m going to have a STAYcation

  11. All of your baked goods look incredible!! I really need to try making my own bread and granola bars more often. Hope you have a great break 🙂

  12. Those dark chocolate raspberry muffins look amazing! I hope you post the recipe. 😉

  13. Mmm…so many delicious baked goods! 😀

    Have fun on spring break! 😀

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