My current food obsessions + perfect overnight oats

Hello hello!

I have lots to share! My days have been jam packed with interviews and cake baking and going to organic conferences (tell ya about it next time!) but I have been managing to fit in lotsa veggies and healthy meals! 

One thing I have noticed is that I tend to eat the same things, just on rotation.  My roommates make fun of me because I will just be in loveee with oatmeal or sweet potatoes (last year I think I had a sp everyday for a couple of months) and eat it all. the. time.

And then I get sick of it, hate it and can’t even think about eating it for the next few months, and then it comes back into the rotation!

I felt better reading Lo‘s post, at least I’m not the only one. Right??

But I eat what I like and like what I eat so I’ve decided to embrace it and go with my obsessions. 

My current obsessions:

Giannttt salads with leftovers from dinner

They’re super filling and tasty and the best way to use up leftovers.  Seriously, throw in anything you have left over from the night before and you have yourself an healthy meal right away.

hugeee salad with mushrooms, tofu and b sprouts

more sprouts!

more giant salads! with roasted veg and chicken

For breakfasts and post workout snacks,

I have still been loving on the  yogurt messes.  Just scoop a cup or so of plain yogurt, sprinkle with cin, chop up some fruit and a few handfuls of cereal! And of course, a pb spoon.  I find that that is the best way to make sure you don’t “lose” your pb in the yogurt.

My favourite mixes include:

– 1/2 cup corn bran (like puffins, they’re big and airy and don’t sog, score!)

– 1/2 cup nature’s path blueberry cinnamon optimum (you all know how much I love this cereal)

– sliced banana

– spoonful Kraft natural pb


my current favourite mix

There’s lots of protein in this so its especially great for after a workout to replenish and feed those muscles! 

And a perfect breakfast – the mix of protein and fat and carbs fills you right up and starts your day off right.  I know I need a big breakfast or I am just ravenous the entire day!

Case in point:

makings of a perfect bfast: egg whites, banana, oatmeal and pb

 I am also loving this new way I am making my oats! I fix it the night before and when I stumble into the kitchen in the morning at 6:45, I pop my bowl in the microwave and breakfast is easy.

my "overnight" oatmeal

Here is my version of overnight oats because to me, oats should be warm and I just can’t stand cold overnight oats!  The oats come out plump and perfect after soaking all night! Pleaseee try it; you will start to love mornings, I promise.

Danica’s Overnight Oats


– 1/2 cup oats

– 1/2 cup silk soy milk

– 1/2 water

What to do:

– combine in microwavable bowl and pop in the fridge overnight

– in the morning, shove it in the microwave for 3 mins

– stir, stir, stir and put it in for 1 more min

– let sit for a few minutes so oats get nice and plump

– serve with egg whites and pb and a banana. feel free to mix them all, or eat seperately like I do!

(microwaved) scrambly egg whites

And another benefit to prepping breakfast before, you have extra time to sleep in, get perrrty, grab snacks and spend some time reading as you enjoy your perfect oats!

my book of choice - the bible!

One last thing before I go, a sneak peak of the most delisssssh deep chocolate birthday cake! I baked it for my friend Lucy’s 20th birthday and got rave reviews from everyone! Recipe to come!

homemade birthday cake

 Be back soon with a recap of the Guelph Organic Conference, chocolate cake recipe and pictures from the party!

One last thing:

Do you feel like you are in a food rut or have food obsessions?? Tell me about them!



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Why don’t you like me?

Hey guys!!
I just wanted to say hi and tell you about this amazing deal on BRUSSELS SPROUTS you have to check out!

cutest picture ever

My friend found this picture when I told him to pick me a new profile pic on fb!  I thought it was just too cute and knew that you guys would probably be the only ones that would appreciate it.

He found it on this website.  It’s got a ton of cute personalized t-shirts and things, kind of like Threadless!

 Anyways! I just wanted to tell all of my Ontario friends out there that there is an incredible sale on b sprouts at Loblaws this week – $0.99 per pound!!!  The sale ends on THURSDAY so stock up before then! 

Brussels sprouts (or b-sprouts as I call them) as you probably know, are fantastic for you.  I really don’t understand why they have such a bad rep when they are so so good for you and incredibly tasty!

If you haven’t tried these sprouts or are looking for a reason to try them again, maybe you will be encouraged knowing these fun nutritional stats:

– belong to the disease fighting family of cabbage

– low in calories, high in fibre and protein (compared to other vegetables)

– just one cup contains 81% of your daily required vitamin C (helpful for your immunity and fighting those winter colds!) and 135% of your DRA of Vitamin K and 93.6mg of folate

cancer protective properties

– can have cholesterol lowering benefits when steamed (fiber binds with the bile acids in your digestive tract when steamed = easier to be excreted = lower cholesterol!)

– really important not to overcook because it loses its nutritional value, tastes bitter and emits that sulfur (fart) smell!

Britain’s most hated vegetable in 2002! (really??)


I bought about 3 pounds on Satuday and have gone through them all already!? I might have a little obsession because I am going back tomorrow and buying more.  Needless to say, I have cooked up a lot of b – sprouts this week! 

Here are some of the ways I have cooked ’em up this week:

1. Boiled with a dash of salt and pepper

2. Roasted with EVOO + garlic powder + sald + pep (my fav!)

dinner! roasted b-sprouts, asparagus, tofu with peanutty sauce on the side!


3. Quick Roasted (Pan fried) when I’m too hungry to wait for them to roast

My Quick Roast Recipe at the end of post!

sprouts with kale chips!

4. Scrambled up with eggs

egg scramble with onions, mushrooms, b sprouts and cheeese all wrapped in a Sundried tomato La Tortilla wrap!

come closerrr

5. In pasta mixed with red sauce


Danica’s Quick Roast (pan fried) B-Sprouts


– as many brussels sprouts as you would like  (who cares if you have a fiber baby/gas??)

– 1/2 cup water (just enough to fill the frying pan with a cm of water)

– PAM (cooking spray) + salt + pep + garlic powder


– wash b – sprouts carefully, removing outer layer and end; cut in half

– heat water in pan (med-high) until light boil

– throw sprouts in the pan and cover with a lid for about 5- 7 minutes

– take lid off; let rest of water evaporate

– spray sprouts with PAM and toss with spices

– let sprouts brown, stirring occasionally so they don’t burn!

– enjoy your quick roast b-sprouts!


Peanutty Sauce

– 2 tbsp each hoisin sauce and peanut butter (I like crunchy natural salted)

– 1 tsp fresh minced garlic or garlic powder

– dash chili flakes

– water or soy milk to thin (I use a couple tbsps)


– mix together vigorously adding water/soy milk to get to your desired consistency

– use as a dipping sauce for b-sprouts and tofu, sauce for noodles and stir fries, sweet tater topper.

As much as I love these recipes, I’d love to hear – what’s your favorite way to enjoy sprouts??


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HUGE post – Christmas Cruise Vacation Recap!

Hey everyone!!

Here is the long awaited Christmas cruise recap!  This was a FANTASTIC vacation – lots of hot sunny weather, spa time, snorkling and gorgeous beaches!

We flew down to Ft. Lauderdale and cruised around the Honduras, Belize, Mexico and Florida for 7 days.

5:30am - Coke for breakfast anyone?

Here we are getting  excited to board the plane! And yes, my dad really was drinking Coke for breakfast.  He absolutely loves it and used to have a couple of cans a day so I am really proud of his current once-a-week habit! 

Anyone have tips/scary statistics about Coke or pop to get him to stop completely?? I would love to hear!

I was so impressed this little cafe had Thomas' whole wheat bagels! with squeezable cream cheese!

Something about those Thomas bagels – soft, chewy and slightly sweet.  I love love love them and wish they would come to Canada! Their nutritionals are awesome –

Nutrition Label

so please, don’t deprive yourselves of bagels – they’re delish with cream cheese, pb or if you’re feeling crazy, mix the two!  It actually tastes SO good!!

 And then we were off!

Of course there was a TON of food.

awesome salad with fruit on the side!

Every kind of vegetable they offered ended up on this plate - this plate included pureed sweet potatoes, grilled mushrooms, asparagus and salmon!

I made amazing salads just like this one every day for lunch!  It isn’t too hard to eat healthy on a cruise; just hit the salad bar, leaving just enough room for this:

the notorius midnight CHOCOLATE BUFFET!

This, my friends, was definitely TO LIVE FOR:

Chocolate cheesecake with pecans - oh my word delicious.

For dinner, we ate at the formal, sit down restaurant.  We were all blown away by the food every night!  This was my favorite –

Grilled mahi mahi with roasted potato wedges and sweet potato mash

The fish just melted into my mouth and the perfectly roasted potatoes were phenominal! 

I feel like we often turn away from white potatoes in favor of sweet taters but nutritionally, they are both loaded with good stuff!

Reading from this site,, I learned that these magical white tubers can help with…

Anemia:  Potatoes are excellent sources of both iron and folic acid, which are essential for the production of red blood cells. For this reason potatoes can be used as a natural aid in the prevention or treatment of different forms of anemia.

Arthritis: Like rheumatism, arthritis is an inflammatory condition. The high minerals, potassium and organic salt content in potato makes it one of the best anti-inflammatory food. Slice a potato together with the skin and soak in a glass of distilled water. Drink in the morning before meal.

Burns, rashes and other skin irritations:  When applied on the skin, raw potatoes (cut into slices or juiced) have anti-irritating, soothing and decongestioning properties.  It can be used to treat a wide variety of skin irritations and conditions, including burns, rashes, as well as skin redness, itching and dehydration.

Constipation and hemorrhoids: Boiled or steamed potatoes promote the formation and passage of soft, hydrated stools. So they can be effectively used as a natural remedy to treat constipation, eliminate bowel straining and prevent hemorrhoids.  

Gastritis and gastric ulcers: Perhaps the most common use of raw potato juice is to treat gastritis, colitis, gastric and intestinal ulcers, due to its anti-acid and healing properties. In these cases, to get the maximum benefit from potato juice, it is advisable to drink a half glass of it 3 to 4 times a day, for at least one month.

High blood pressure:  Potatoes are excellent sources of potassium, which helps lower and stabilize blood pressure.
Joint and other types of pain: The regular consumption of raw potato juice is a valuable remedy in relieving pain associated with arthritis, gout and even headaches.

Rheumatism: The juice extracted from raw potato is an excellent remedy for rheumatism. It is very detoxifying for a toxic condition. Take 2 teaspoons of the juice before meal for best effect.  

Tired eyes: Raw potato is really a useful aid for tired eyes.  Apply thin slices of raw potato on the eyes at least twice a day, eyes dark circles will miraculously disappear!

And even if you don’t want to drink potato juice, you can always roast, mash or bake some up the next time you have a hankering for potatoes and get the same benefits!

Now for some vacation pictures!


Mexico shoreline!


Being silly...and our ship in the background!

Beach bum

And I hope you guys don’t think I’m creepy because I didn’t know these kids at all.  But they are precious, no?

Kodak moment

Hamming it up


Beautful Key West

Prime tanning real estate

I love new friends + toga parties!

 And thats a mini recap of my Christmas Cruise!  My parents have the other camera so more photos will be coming your way soon!

Plus, a NEW YEAR’s recap that is half a month late already…here’s a sneak peak!

 We went to the New Year’s party at the Inn at Blue Mountain.  700 people, midnight fireworks and a couple of gin and tonics later…


But its back to reality school now!  It is summer recruiting time so I have been super busy doing cover letters, applications and going to company mix and mingle sessions!!

A really great thing about these companies recruiting at our school is the SWAG they bring!  Companies like S.C. Johnson, Kraft, General Mills, and Unilever have come and brought us tons of goodies like Old El Paso fajita kits, Glade candles, Ziplock bags (!!), Fibre One ceral, salad dressing and lots more!  It’s a lot of fun.

Another great thing about being back at school is getting back into my regular schedule and routine.  I have missed my hummus sammies and yogurt messes!  At home, I eat mostly what my parents eat, and end up eating out a lot! 

Do you find that it feels SO good getting back into your “regular” diet and routine?

This morning’s breakfast and part of lunch,

Sliced strawberries and banana, plain yogurt and Optimum cereal with extra cinnamon

Hummus and halved grape tomatoes on my favourite 12 grain bread

So as you can see, not too much has changed with me! I’m still eatin’ my plain yogurt and lovin’ on the hummus.  And doing monster catch up posts!
 I know this month is super busy but I WILL find time to post once a week so please check in!
 Off to host a fajita party!


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I’m back and (almost) home for holidays!

Wow, do I have lots to catch you up on! 

In this time of being a bad blogger, I have been so blessed with new experiences

Starting a new program at school, I have met a TON of awesome people, gotten so close with an amazing group of girls in my section,

winter formal - me (middle) and the girls

participated in too many “social events” ( work hard, play hard is our motto!),

 finally reached and have been maintaining a healthy weight,

hiking buddies

 had 3 snow days (over 100 cm in 2 days!),

oh yes I did, a nestea plunge into the snow!

 gotten really good at sitting and working through an inordinate number of 4 hour exams and 48 hour reports, and found new fitness loves: kick boxing and chin-ups!

 I’ve also had my first ugly christmas sweater party – amazing!

Ugly christmas sweater party!

The past few months have been the most challenging, fun times in my life and I feel like I have grown and learned more about myself than ever before. Through this ED and coming to Ivey, I know I have changed. But I know that it has been for the better.

I have been humbled and reliant, strong and full of willpower, ready to lead and willing to learn, frustrated to tears and completely full of joy.

 It has just been an amazing year of growth and I still have so much to look forward to! I will be heading off on a cruise in 4 days(!!!!), getting together with family for Christmas, celebrating new year’s at Blue with friends, and then getting ready for a fresh new year

gorgeous christmas tree!

That said, I want to document this year – fun, friends, family, FOOD – every second of it. I also really want to catch up with all of you, re-join the blog world (please?) and post at least once a week.

Thanks for reading through all that, and now for your enjoyment, some food action! 

breakfast today - dippy eggs with toast and tomato


buttered 12 grain toast - can't beat it

My roommate Em and I have been baking up a storm:  butterscotch oatmeal honey bunches of  oats cookies (fantastic!), chocolate chip zuchinni bread, banana bread, spice muffins, cornbread, cranberry oatmeal scones, gingerbread men and sooo much more.  Except for one unfortunate batch of cheese bread that went really really wrong, they were all so delicious and healthy! I will post more pictures and recipes soon!

amaazing chocolate cherry muffins!

we made popcorn balls!


Just looking at these pictures makes me so excited for the holidays! 

Anyways! Thanks for reading and let’s go out and enjoy everything this lovely season brings – crazy snowstorms, shopping sprees and holiday baking!

I want to hear – what are you excited for this holiday season??


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Silk(y) oats, silky hair


 Hey guys! 

I’m back with lotsss of pics for ya so hang tight!  

I found these new bowls as we were unpacking and I was actually estatic! I know you guys understand 🙂 

loving the new bowls!


 Closeups of my 3 piece breakie 

mangos, bloobs, and kiwi


I caved...plain yogurt is backkkk!


mix of kashi h2h and blueberry optimum


Even with the extreme heat wave, I can’t seem to stop making my creamy, steamy oats for breakfast!  

Frozen strawberries cool them down though, 

yummy melty strawbs


 These handpicked strawberries still tasted soo delicious after being frozen.  Seriously guys, go pick some if you can!! 

mmm strawberries


as does chilled, tart yogurt

I warned you plain yogurt was back!


A more appropriate heat wave bowl of oats 

creamy banana strawberry oats with yog


For cool, rainy days, regular plain jane oats are needed, 

banana soy milk oats


Oh yes, I started making my oats using Silk DHA plus soy milk and boy, does it make a silky, creamy bowl of oats or what?? Guys, I was completely amazed (my mom was too!). I’m thinking maybe that’s the reason for my oat cravings despite all this heat! If you haven’t tried making oats with Silk soy milk, do it please

thanks Silk!


Oh yes, and top with Smuckers Natural PB



Breakfast I packed to eat at work one day was a fruit filled tupperware (chopped organic pear, strawbs and bloobs!), cup of plain yogurt and a forgotten about Kashi Toasted Berry Crisp sample! 

packed breakfast


fruit + tupperware...doesn't get much better


 I have a little obsession with tupperware and I would honestly love to have a tupperware party. (Raising Helen anyone??) When I see a new shape or colour of tupperware, I feel like I have to buy it because you never know when you will need that particular size of container to put stuff in you know? Anyway, I have A LOT and my friend even knew to buy my tupperware as part of my 19th birthday present.  And I’m not gonna lie, it was my favourite present 🙂 

cute little packages melt my heart


I also really love cute little packages and boxes like this Kashi sample and I literally have it sitting on desk in my room.  I didn’t think it was that weird, but writing it out now, I’ll admit, I’m a little crazy. 

Moving on though! The cereal smelled amazing and fruity and tasted good, like a light granola.  It was very sweet though and looking at the ingredients and nutrition label, there is definitely a lot of added sugar.  To me, cane sugar is still sugar and dried fruit is plenty sweet and delish on its own.  

As you know, I love Kashi’s Go Lean Crunch! cereal (despite the fact that the crunch seriously kills my jaws and mouth after a while) but it too, contains lots of sugar (13 grams per 1 cup serving).  Kashi Crisp! contains 12 grams per serving size of only 3/4 cup.  They contain the same 9 grams of protein  as well as the same 190 calories per serving.  So overall, I choose the wayy more delicious and filling Crunch! for my sugar serving and a little more cereal! 

But, Nature’s Path Blueberry Optimum is still number 1. Always. 

number 1 in my heart


Another reason I like Crunch! and Optimum more: it keeps me full! This breakfast did not hold me over well and I needed lunch just a couple hours later! I made a gigantic sandwich at work and it was AMAZING.  I haven’t had deli meat with real cheddar in ages and so it was extra good. 

turkey, ham, cheddar and all the veggies I could pile on


 This thing was huge, fresh and delicious and just what I needed to settle my growling tum.  Sometimes, I’m pretty sure my stomach is a bottomless pit. And usually, I love it

literally the size of my leg


want a bite?


So simple and so good.  And eaten outside while driving my beer cart! It was tough but I was hungry so I demolished it 🙂 

Lunches at home have been snacky, build-your-own plates

pear slices, rotisserie chicken, toasted pita, laughing cow


snacky plate


mini sammie


I love having the option of making a mini sandwich with all the fixings or eating them seperately so plates like this work for me! Another snack plate lunch: 

steamed caul and zuch, rotisserie chicken, hum and pita halves


Fact: I always finish my meals with something sweet.  Be it in fruit form, 

grapes and bloobs


watermelon baby in the making


cookies form clif z bar-form, which is a perfectly sized dessert! 

my fave - chocolate chip z bar


ice cream because hey, there’s a heat wave goin’ on! 

amazing green tea ice cream from my fav Japanese place!


my fav form of caffeine


It just has to be sweet.

Wow, another monster post, but what else is new?? Do you guys mind these super long posts? I wish I could do shorter, more regular posts but I just can’t seem to fit it all into my day. Which one are you – everyday-every meal blogger or random-when-you-can blogger? I think you know which one I fit under!

Oh yeah, I went downtown with my friend last week and got a haircut! I used to HATE getting haircuts and would cry every. single. time I got it cut.  But now I love it! It’s nice to have all the straggly ends cut off and have silky, healthy, bouncy hair! My hair used to be really long and dry but the pb and extra fats I’ve been eating has really done amazing things for my hair! 

haha mirror pic


Closer up 

bangs are backk


I love having my bangs back! But I know they will get annoying soon, especially when they start growing out.  Oh well, I love them now 🙂 

Have you had bad experiences getting your hair cut? And do you get the same cut everytime?? I am guilty of getting the same cut (more or less) every single time I get it cut even though I always say I am going to do something different! I just can’t seem to part with my long(er) hair. One day! 

Have a great day!! and I will really really try to post more regularly!


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Greatest appliances ever + Ivey acceptance!

Oh boy, do I have lots to catch you all up on!

But first, to explain my lack of posting and commenting (sorry!) is because we moved last weekend!  Although it was sad to say bye to the old house,


I was excited to move into the new one!
The last week has been full of packing, moving, unpacking and reorganizing.  I haven’t gone to the gym in awhile because lifting boxes and climbing stairs is a class of working out of its own!  We moved into a new development so it took a few days to get our appliances (still no stovetop, eek!)

messy kitchen, tired mom

and soo the food has been a little random..but delicious!  Thank goodness for microwaves and toasters (can you say college student??) I made open faced sandwiches with peanut butter, egg white puffs and a toasted sammie thin.  This was a different combination but I really enjoyed it!  I liked that the puffs added volume and bulk and protein to pump up the otherwise flat sandwich.

peanut butter, microwaved egg whites on a sandwich thin

 Using my toaster, I made a toasted hummus and tomato sandwich.  The beefy tomatoes made it hearty and light all at once. Delicious!

sandwich makin'


tomatoes and hummus

Another appliance I was happy to uncover in our huge mess of boxes: my blender!
I made a green monster with frozen strawberries (the ones I picked last week!), a banana, lots of spinach, splash of soy, and Chocolate Amazing Grass!
I found this as I was packing up the pantry (Best part of moving: finding forgotten (food) treasures!) I felt like chocolate this morning so I gave it a go!

pretty amazing

started off pink and pretty

add spinach

and you get this yummy (ugly) thang

It had a cocoa-y taste more than a hot-chocolate-powder kind of sweet taste but that was okay because the banana and strawbs added lots of natural sugary sweetness!

I was making banana soft serve last night but then…I saw the spinach in the fridge. I just had to add it in but it made it a lot thinner (I guess spinach has a lot of water in it?) so I ended up with a GM but that’s okay, spinach is awesome!  🙂

green goodness

Another amazing appliance – the steam oven!  We ordered this special appliance from Miele.  They were the first company to come up with this built in convection steam oven and I’m so glad they did!  It is making my life so much easier because I steam just about everything.  It opens like a stove and you just put in your veggies, fish, pasta, whatever, and select the doneness you prefer! 

new favourite?

steam oven

It takes about 5 minutes to steam frozen edamame and 20 to cook rice!  They say you can cook all sorts of vegetables, meat, casseroles and even bread and homemade jam!  Oh the possibilities!

So far, I have steamed edamame and cooked rice but I will definitely be testing this baby out more!  Any ideas about what should I make next?

steamed edamame

With things still in boxes and a pretty bare fridge, I have been having lots of portable and easy eats. I had NO IDEA bananas were meant to be opened upside down! I was reading Jessica’s blog and had to try it for myself!

upside down banana

 I’ve had lots of cereal! And I used this nifty trick to add sliced bananas!

cereal with bananas

I have been eating a TON of watermelon these days too! It is just so refreshing and thirst quenching in this heat!  I cut up the melon all at once and keep them in my old yogurt tubs! It makes it so easy to grab for a snack…almost too easy because I eat the whole tub (a quarter of a melon!) at once and I have a hugggee food baby and pee, like every 5 minutes.

One last exciting thing to share with you!

I love getting letters!

Last week, I received my acceptance into the Richard Ivey School of Business!  I am so blessed to have the opportunity to attend this school and it is located in the university I am attending now so I get to live with my same housemates and everything!

I still have lots to unpack so I will end it off here! Promise to be back in less than a week!

Questions for ya: What appliance could you not live without? What do you make with it??

Have an awesome day!


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strawberry pickin’ and update!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the weeklong (yikes!) hiatus! It’s been a busy week and relaxing weekend but I am finally getting caught up on life!

An update on keeping up with calories: I have been doing much better and I recently realized I am only about 5 – 7 pds from my goal weight! (I don’t weigh myself regularly, I just see how I feel in my clothes etc)

I really took everyone’s wonderful advice to heart and had lots of clif bars, healthy-fat-and-calorie-dense almonds and just higher fat foods in general to get my weight up and period started again!

Clif Bars have been my best friend when I am in a crunch for quick food options to tide me over to a real meal or a vitamin-packed dessert when I need a little something-something for my hugggee sweet tooth!

tastes just like a super chocolate-y brownie!

I had this whole weekend off after a busy week of work so I just relaxed and had fun. Lots of sunshine and awesome weather meant patio eats, tanning, walks and strawberry picking with my mum!!

First, there was lunch on the porch, hummus and salsa with a variety of dippers!  I love this lunch as it is one that I never get sick of!

toasty pita wedges

the usual sidekicks


salsa and hummus for dipping

perfect patio lunch

my ever present sidekick...when there's food haha

Then it was time to go pick some berries! We go to Whittamore’s farm, a farm about 10 mins from where I live.  They grow amazing produce all year long including strawberries, raspberries, beets, potatoes, snap peas, gooseberries in the summer and eggplant, melons, cucumbers and tomatoes in the fall!  This is not your average trip to the grocery store and I would really recommend picking your own produce if you can! It’s fun and you are supporting farmers as well as getting the freshest, natural, pesticide-free fruits and veggies

strawberry fields


ready for pickin'

our loot

I picked tons of berries, some of which went straight from the vine to my tum! Doesn’t get fresher than that!

pickin' and eatin'


mom very excited about her berrry haha

just me and my berries!

Farm girl

We had such a good time and came home with a ton (not really, it was more like 4 pounds) of the sweetest berries I’ve ever had!

Since we’ve had an abundance of these delicious little babies, I’ve been adding them to everything, smoothies, oats and just popping them in my mouth every chance I get!  We just cleaned and hulled all of them, froze some and kept the rest in the fridge for easy access!  It only takes a few minutes to do and you don’t have to bother with all the preparation the next time you want a berry!

tray o' berries

 Cold strawberries in hot banana oats = totally amazing!

strawberry banana chia wheat bran oats

 Mixed up, its not pretty but tastes delightful, I swear! Especially, with almond butt mixed in!


These berries are just soo different from store bought berries – in taste (I swear they taste 100% better and sweeter than store-bought berries), texture and SIZE.  Remember those HUGE berries I showed you last time??

Well the ones we picked were tiny in comparison, but thinking about it, these are probably normal sized and what they are supposed to look like.  We are so accustomed to seeing genetically modified foods that are perception of “normal’ is skewed and supersized.

What do you consider “normal”??

normal sized

Another giant fruit.  I have to admit, I always pick the huge ones at the store because I love my fruit but thinking about how far from natural these babies are, maybe I should stop?!

GIANT pear

 I’ve also had my mom’s fried rice – its actually not even “fried” so it’s not oily at all like the dishes at chinese restaurants.  She uses brown rice, celery, broccoli, green onion, barbequed pork and cooks it all up with an egg and some soy sauce!

authentic "fried" rice

beautiful and delish

and another dinner that I didn’t realize was so beige and green until now.

beige n green

It was my last half of my last avocado so please excuse the brown spottiness.  I can’t wait to replenish my stock 🙂 Avocados just go great with everything!

brown and spotty but still yummy

I think this post has been long enough so here’s a sneak peak of the baking I did this weekend!

word scramble! sboitcit

Any guesses about what I made??

Have a wonderful night all!


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