I’m back and (almost) home for holidays!

Wow, do I have lots to catch you up on! 

In this time of being a bad blogger, I have been so blessed with new experiences

Starting a new program at school, I have met a TON of awesome people, gotten so close with an amazing group of girls in my section,

winter formal - me (middle) and the girls

participated in too many “social events” ( work hard, play hard is our motto!),

 finally reached and have been maintaining a healthy weight,

hiking buddies

 had 3 snow days (over 100 cm in 2 days!),

oh yes I did, a nestea plunge into the snow!

 gotten really good at sitting and working through an inordinate number of 4 hour exams and 48 hour reports, and found new fitness loves: kick boxing and chin-ups!

 I’ve also had my first ugly christmas sweater party – amazing!

Ugly christmas sweater party!

The past few months have been the most challenging, fun times in my life and I feel like I have grown and learned more about myself than ever before. Through this ED and coming to Ivey, I know I have changed. But I know that it has been for the better.

I have been humbled and reliant, strong and full of willpower, ready to lead and willing to learn, frustrated to tears and completely full of joy.

 It has just been an amazing year of growth and I still have so much to look forward to! I will be heading off on a cruise in 4 days(!!!!), getting together with family for Christmas, celebrating new year’s at Blue with friends, and then getting ready for a fresh new year

gorgeous christmas tree!

That said, I want to document this year – fun, friends, family, FOOD – every second of it. I also really want to catch up with all of you, re-join the blog world (please?) and post at least once a week.

Thanks for reading through all that, and now for your enjoyment, some food action! 

breakfast today - dippy eggs with toast and tomato


buttered 12 grain toast - can't beat it

My roommate Em and I have been baking up a storm:  butterscotch oatmeal honey bunches of  oats cookies (fantastic!), chocolate chip zuchinni bread, banana bread, spice muffins, cornbread, cranberry oatmeal scones, gingerbread men and sooo much more.  Except for one unfortunate batch of cheese bread that went really really wrong, they were all so delicious and healthy! I will post more pictures and recipes soon!

amaazing chocolate cherry muffins!

we made popcorn balls!


Just looking at these pictures makes me so excited for the holidays! 

Anyways! Thanks for reading and let’s go out and enjoy everything this lovely season brings – crazy snowstorms, shopping sprees and holiday baking!

I want to hear – what are you excited for this holiday season??



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2 responses to “I’m back and (almost) home for holidays!

  1. Hey girl! Welcome back! 😀 I figured when you went MIA it was because of Ivey. I heard it’s so time consuming!

    I’m glad you’ve had such an awesome semester though! And congrats on coming so far with your ED! Isn’t university life SO much more fun when we’re not letting our ED control us?

    Enjoy your holidays! 🙂

  2. glad you have been enjoying school and everything that goes with it! 🙂
    i’m excited to spend time with family this holiday season!

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