Silk(y) oats, silky hair


 Hey guys! 

I’m back with lotsss of pics for ya so hang tight!  

I found these new bowls as we were unpacking and I was actually estatic! I know you guys understand 🙂 

loving the new bowls!


 Closeups of my 3 piece breakie 

mangos, bloobs, and kiwi


I caved...plain yogurt is backkkk!


mix of kashi h2h and blueberry optimum


Even with the extreme heat wave, I can’t seem to stop making my creamy, steamy oats for breakfast!  

Frozen strawberries cool them down though, 

yummy melty strawbs


 These handpicked strawberries still tasted soo delicious after being frozen.  Seriously guys, go pick some if you can!! 

mmm strawberries


as does chilled, tart yogurt

I warned you plain yogurt was back!


A more appropriate heat wave bowl of oats 

creamy banana strawberry oats with yog


For cool, rainy days, regular plain jane oats are needed, 

banana soy milk oats


Oh yes, I started making my oats using Silk DHA plus soy milk and boy, does it make a silky, creamy bowl of oats or what?? Guys, I was completely amazed (my mom was too!). I’m thinking maybe that’s the reason for my oat cravings despite all this heat! If you haven’t tried making oats with Silk soy milk, do it please

thanks Silk!


Oh yes, and top with Smuckers Natural PB



Breakfast I packed to eat at work one day was a fruit filled tupperware (chopped organic pear, strawbs and bloobs!), cup of plain yogurt and a forgotten about Kashi Toasted Berry Crisp sample! 

packed breakfast


fruit + tupperware...doesn't get much better


 I have a little obsession with tupperware and I would honestly love to have a tupperware party. (Raising Helen anyone??) When I see a new shape or colour of tupperware, I feel like I have to buy it because you never know when you will need that particular size of container to put stuff in you know? Anyway, I have A LOT and my friend even knew to buy my tupperware as part of my 19th birthday present.  And I’m not gonna lie, it was my favourite present 🙂 

cute little packages melt my heart


I also really love cute little packages and boxes like this Kashi sample and I literally have it sitting on desk in my room.  I didn’t think it was that weird, but writing it out now, I’ll admit, I’m a little crazy. 

Moving on though! The cereal smelled amazing and fruity and tasted good, like a light granola.  It was very sweet though and looking at the ingredients and nutrition label, there is definitely a lot of added sugar.  To me, cane sugar is still sugar and dried fruit is plenty sweet and delish on its own.  

As you know, I love Kashi’s Go Lean Crunch! cereal (despite the fact that the crunch seriously kills my jaws and mouth after a while) but it too, contains lots of sugar (13 grams per 1 cup serving).  Kashi Crisp! contains 12 grams per serving size of only 3/4 cup.  They contain the same 9 grams of protein  as well as the same 190 calories per serving.  So overall, I choose the wayy more delicious and filling Crunch! for my sugar serving and a little more cereal! 

But, Nature’s Path Blueberry Optimum is still number 1. Always. 

number 1 in my heart


Another reason I like Crunch! and Optimum more: it keeps me full! This breakfast did not hold me over well and I needed lunch just a couple hours later! I made a gigantic sandwich at work and it was AMAZING.  I haven’t had deli meat with real cheddar in ages and so it was extra good. 

turkey, ham, cheddar and all the veggies I could pile on


 This thing was huge, fresh and delicious and just what I needed to settle my growling tum.  Sometimes, I’m pretty sure my stomach is a bottomless pit. And usually, I love it

literally the size of my leg


want a bite?


So simple and so good.  And eaten outside while driving my beer cart! It was tough but I was hungry so I demolished it 🙂 

Lunches at home have been snacky, build-your-own plates

pear slices, rotisserie chicken, toasted pita, laughing cow


snacky plate


mini sammie


I love having the option of making a mini sandwich with all the fixings or eating them seperately so plates like this work for me! Another snack plate lunch: 

steamed caul and zuch, rotisserie chicken, hum and pita halves


Fact: I always finish my meals with something sweet.  Be it in fruit form, 

grapes and bloobs


watermelon baby in the making


cookies form clif z bar-form, which is a perfectly sized dessert! 

my fave - chocolate chip z bar


ice cream because hey, there’s a heat wave goin’ on! 

amazing green tea ice cream from my fav Japanese place!


my fav form of caffeine


It just has to be sweet.

Wow, another monster post, but what else is new?? Do you guys mind these super long posts? I wish I could do shorter, more regular posts but I just can’t seem to fit it all into my day. Which one are you – everyday-every meal blogger or random-when-you-can blogger? I think you know which one I fit under!

Oh yeah, I went downtown with my friend last week and got a haircut! I used to HATE getting haircuts and would cry every. single. time I got it cut.  But now I love it! It’s nice to have all the straggly ends cut off and have silky, healthy, bouncy hair! My hair used to be really long and dry but the pb and extra fats I’ve been eating has really done amazing things for my hair! 

haha mirror pic


Closer up 

bangs are backk


I love having my bangs back! But I know they will get annoying soon, especially when they start growing out.  Oh well, I love them now 🙂 

Have you had bad experiences getting your hair cut? And do you get the same cut everytime?? I am guilty of getting the same cut (more or less) every single time I get it cut even though I always say I am going to do something different! I just can’t seem to part with my long(er) hair. One day! 

Have a great day!! and I will really really try to post more regularly!



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22 responses to “Silk(y) oats, silky hair

  1. Meg

    SO agree with the healthy fats + hair – my hair has done a complete transformation since I upped the fats. You are GORGEOUS girl!! Ahh! Haircuts/trims are a must too. Although I must admit it’s been WAY too long since I’ve gotten one…oopsies!

    Sweet cereal! I love summery breakfasts like that, especially paired with berries and SILK! 😀

    Enjoy your day beautiful! Seriously – you are stunning. I love that dress, too.

  2. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    first and foremost- YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! i love your haircut & you are just so cute!

    second- i am with you, i neeeed a filling breakfasts with lots of protein! kashi crunch is delicious 🙂
    & i struggle w/ blogging too-i want to post more so ic an have shorter posts, but i really just don’t seem to find the time.


  3. we miss you girl! YOU ARE SOO PRETTY! like seriously- beautiful!!
    so glad you are doing well!!! I NEED protein in my life- amen to that sista! watermelon babies=story of my life. no shame!!
    i love your posts!!

  4. PS hope you are doing well with everything u talked about in the previous posts!

  5. I am loving your blog! All of your food looks so bright and pretty, especially in those bowls!! And Silk does make the best oats. I just got some Smuckers natural PB today too which I love!

  6. Great blog!! I LOVE tupperware too! My roommates don’t understand why…I think it’s because I have a very type A personality. I insist on packing away dinner leftovers every night and I’m the only one who can figure out the “complex” stacking method for the t-ware.

    Mmm, Kashi Crunch is my favorite too 🙂

  7. LOVE the bangs. I always try to get bangs, but they never seem to hang quite right on me, and I end up pinning them back. Wish they would be as cute as yours!

  8. I think we all have had the occasional bad hair cut. I remember when I was 12, I let my grandmother cut my hair. She butchered it!!! I looked like a little boy for months until it grew back! Ugh, so awful.

    I love your bangs!! THey look so good on you! 🙂

  9. Love your haircut!! You’re so beautiful 🙂

    Delicious looking oats!
    ❤ jess

  10. lo

    girlie healthy fats are soooo good for your hair! so is biotin or prenatal vitamins for hair and nail growth..ur jeans are super cute in this post!!


  11. your hair is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS to match ur face of course!!

    btw i love little packages too! when companies put their products in little boxes or in cute wrapping it melts my little heart.

    and YUM to the 3 piece brekkie! how cool is that!

    xoxo ❤

  12. I love your bangs – and your hair definitely looks straight out of a Tresseme commercial 😉

    I used to have hair down to my booty but it was sooo frizzy – I just couldn’t take care of it. I’ve been getting it shorter and shorter, it’s just above my shoulders now. I’m thiiiiis close to getting a pixie but it makes me so nervous!!

  13. Those bowls are too cute! I think other bloggers are the only ones who understand obsessions with dishes. 😉

    I love Kashi Go Lean Crunch! I have tried so many cereals and I always go back to the Crunch because you just can’t go wrong with it. 😀

    Your haircut looks great! I haven’t seen too many changes in my hair since I upped my fat intake. How long did it take for you to see a difference?

  14. All your eats look super super fabulous! and your haircut is soooOO beautifiul!!!!

  15. I’ve grown to LOVE cashews so much and I’ve just recently noticed that my hair is a lot softer and healthy looking…yay! Your haircut is really nice, too! Actually, my most recent haircut is sort of a mistake, lol. I tried to cut my own bangs (BIG MISTAKE) and ended up having to cut all the rest of my hair to make it look “normal” -_- now it’s grown out though and I kinda like it better! So I guess it really wasn’t that much of a mistake after all haha. It also seems that every time I go to get a haircut it’s always some drastically different cut lol. I like having a change though!
    ❤ Emily

  16. I’m with you–Silk soymilk is amazing! I actually may like 8th Continent Vanilla soy a taaaaad bit better, but they’re all good. I’ve tried almond milk, but I just don’t think it’s the same! 😀

  17. I’m like a year late on this post but whatevs 🙂

    My bf said my hair used to be really nice too, then I stopped eating fats and he said it got dry. So yay for pb in my belly and yay for pb making my hair soft 🙂

    I love mini packaged things too, like sample sizes. Oooh they are so cute and convenient!

  18. Hello there! My best friend since childhood is named Danica. 🙂

    I LOVE oats made with soymilk; they are so creamy. Reminds me I need to go get some soymilk soon, I’m out! hehe. I also need sweet things after every meal. I kinda just gnawed on a giant block of chocolate, which was maybe a little unnecessary, but sometimes you just need a block of chocolate, you know? No guilt!

    Happy weekend!

  19. Cute cute cute hair!!! Love it. Bangs are definitely a love/hate relationship.

  20. I love, love, love your new haircut! The bangs suit you so well. 😀

    I always say I’m going to get something new as well. But usually I’ll just go in and, on a spur of the moment kind of thing, ask for it to be shortened quite a bit with the bangs added. Same ol, same ol’. I would love to try something new though. 😀

  21. dmcgirl37

    Why are small things so cute? I’ll never know.. I havent seen those Kashi boxes but I will search for them..

    Chocolate is good for you 🙂 i eat some almost everyday

    Dana xo

  22. Love the bangs. I typically stick to the same thing, but if you know what you like, you know what you like!
    P.S. Silk milk + oats + PB = Loveeee.

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