strawberry pickin’ and update!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the weeklong (yikes!) hiatus! It’s been a busy week and relaxing weekend but I am finally getting caught up on life!

An update on keeping up with calories: I have been doing much better and I recently realized I am only about 5 – 7 pds from my goal weight! (I don’t weigh myself regularly, I just see how I feel in my clothes etc)

I really took everyone’s wonderful advice to heart and had lots of clif bars, healthy-fat-and-calorie-dense almonds and just higher fat foods in general to get my weight up and period started again!

Clif Bars have been my best friend when I am in a crunch for quick food options to tide me over to a real meal or a vitamin-packed dessert when I need a little something-something for my hugggee sweet tooth!

tastes just like a super chocolate-y brownie!

I had this whole weekend off after a busy week of work so I just relaxed and had fun. Lots of sunshine and awesome weather meant patio eats, tanning, walks and strawberry picking with my mum!!

First, there was lunch on the porch, hummus and salsa with a variety of dippers!  I love this lunch as it is one that I never get sick of!

toasty pita wedges

the usual sidekicks


salsa and hummus for dipping

perfect patio lunch

my ever present sidekick...when there's food haha

Then it was time to go pick some berries! We go to Whittamore’s farm, a farm about 10 mins from where I live.  They grow amazing produce all year long including strawberries, raspberries, beets, potatoes, snap peas, gooseberries in the summer and eggplant, melons, cucumbers and tomatoes in the fall!  This is not your average trip to the grocery store and I would really recommend picking your own produce if you can! It’s fun and you are supporting farmers as well as getting the freshest, natural, pesticide-free fruits and veggies

strawberry fields


ready for pickin'

our loot

I picked tons of berries, some of which went straight from the vine to my tum! Doesn’t get fresher than that!

pickin' and eatin'


mom very excited about her berrry haha

just me and my berries!

Farm girl

We had such a good time and came home with a ton (not really, it was more like 4 pounds) of the sweetest berries I’ve ever had!

Since we’ve had an abundance of these delicious little babies, I’ve been adding them to everything, smoothies, oats and just popping them in my mouth every chance I get!  We just cleaned and hulled all of them, froze some and kept the rest in the fridge for easy access!  It only takes a few minutes to do and you don’t have to bother with all the preparation the next time you want a berry!

tray o' berries

 Cold strawberries in hot banana oats = totally amazing!

strawberry banana chia wheat bran oats

 Mixed up, its not pretty but tastes delightful, I swear! Especially, with almond butt mixed in!


These berries are just soo different from store bought berries – in taste (I swear they taste 100% better and sweeter than store-bought berries), texture and SIZE.  Remember those HUGE berries I showed you last time??

Well the ones we picked were tiny in comparison, but thinking about it, these are probably normal sized and what they are supposed to look like.  We are so accustomed to seeing genetically modified foods that are perception of “normal’ is skewed and supersized.

What do you consider “normal”??

normal sized

Another giant fruit.  I have to admit, I always pick the huge ones at the store because I love my fruit but thinking about how far from natural these babies are, maybe I should stop?!

GIANT pear

 I’ve also had my mom’s fried rice – its actually not even “fried” so it’s not oily at all like the dishes at chinese restaurants.  She uses brown rice, celery, broccoli, green onion, barbequed pork and cooks it all up with an egg and some soy sauce!

authentic "fried" rice

beautiful and delish

and another dinner that I didn’t realize was so beige and green until now.

beige n green

It was my last half of my last avocado so please excuse the brown spottiness.  I can’t wait to replenish my stock 🙂 Avocados just go great with everything!

brown and spotty but still yummy

I think this post has been long enough so here’s a sneak peak of the baking I did this weekend!

word scramble! sboitcit

Any guesses about what I made??

Have a wonderful night all!



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