kill that pizza craving

As promised, I am back with pictures of pizza!

I had been craving pizza for a couple of days and then when I saw Meg make her wonderful pizza, I decided I had to satisfy that pizza craving.  I had all the ingredients at home (you probably do too, so go ahead and make one!) so I thought why not save a few dollars and make my own?

As I mentioned, I used Jenna’s “Best pizza dough” recipe and it really was the best homemade dough I’ve ever made – even with my little screw-ups 🙂

Instead of 2 cups of all purpose flour and 1.5 cups of whole wheat, I accidently used 2 cups of whole wheat and 1.5 cups of all purpose and I added 2.5 tsp of salt instead of 1.5 tsp. 

I have to say the dough is very forgiving and the extra whole wheat flour didn’t make the dough too rough or “grainy” at all but the extra salt did make it really salty (whoops!)

Anyway, onto the pizza makin’!

I made the dough as per Jenna’s instructions (with my mistakes interpretations, of course) and let it rise for an hour while I walked Bud.  When I got home, it had doubled in size so it was ready!

I split the dough into 2 parts. I wrapped one up and put it in the freezer and stretched the other one out onto my pizza pan!  I spread it with tomato sauce (pizza sauce or marinara would have been better but I didn’t have any) and topped it with chopped bell peppers and mushrooms.

dough, sauce and toppings

then I added lotsa cheese! and spices.  These are key to bring together all the flavours of the cheese, sauce and toppings.  I used oregano and basil and garlic powder.

shakin' on the spices

Then, I put it in the oven for ~20 minutes when the cheese started to bubble and the crust looked golden brown and delicious!

cheese + crust = my fav!

 Buddy wanted to “sample” some,

buddy loves pizza too

but what kind of dog-mom would I be if I didn’t test it out first right??

verdict: YUM

 Guys, it was SO good, I couldn’t even stop to cut it into proper slices before I chowed down! I just ripped off chunks of it and ate about half the pizza (Buddy helped a little too!).  Needless to say, I was super full and that craving? Well, it’s stronger than ever because that pizza was amazing!  My parents split the rest of it and they loved it too!

Apparently, I take a lot of pictures and forget about them because I have a whole bunch on my camera that I haven’t posted so here’s a mess of them!

Self explanatory:

classy: pbj on a napkin

Are you guys grossed out by orange butts? (the little baby orange that grows inside the big one)

I was for the longest time (clearly, because I call them butts) and only recently have started eating the little one!  They’re good though, and usually even sweeter than the real orange!

orange butt

My new favourite dressing is this Citrus Honey Poppyseed one.  I tried it at a friend’s house and she gave me the rest of the bottle because I couldn’t stop talking about how good it was!  It’s sweet and summery and light, and goes perfectly on fruit topped salads! I’ve tried it with strawberries, apples, toasted almonds and feta and it is wonderful!

salad with apple + poppyseed dressing

Peaches are in season again!! And for some reason, I was really excited that this one still had a leaf on it.

pretty as a peach

Baby carrots, bell pepper and Fontaine sante hummus (next best thing to Sabra). What kind of hummus do you buy?? I love Sabra but I bought this brand on sale at Costco.

creammyyy hummus

And I promised a picture of buddy with his new haircut!  I think he loves it because he can actually feel the grass now!  🙂

sleepy in the sun


me and my baby

 I have a crazyyy week of work coming up but I will try to stay on top of blogging!  I am working 8 – 10 hour days from Monday to Friday and getting trained to work on the catering trucks (drive around the golf course and serve beer/sandwiches) so I am super excited!!

I was getting bored of my job of waitressing inside the clubhouse and wanted to look for another job so I feel like my prayers have really been answered 🙂 Just a great reminder that God always provides.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!



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13 responses to “kill that pizza craving

  1. Love your blog girl! Thanks so much for the comment on mine.

    You’re on my google reader 😀
    ❤ jess

  2. Your blog is sooo beautiful !!! And I think that my favourite part of this post is the peach with a leaf on it!! It looks dee-lish! + your pizza is beautiful & now I think I have caught the pizza craving

    okay just had to get that out 🙂

    LOVE YOUR pizza!!!

    you are so right about God answering prayers! they may not always be how we expected but He ALWAYS DOES!! so excited for you!

  4. mm pizzzaa! i just discovered cornmeal crust and decided thats my favorite kind of crust!

    haha orange butts!!! i love that you call it that, and i love it even more that you posted a picture of it! i totally eat those!!!!

  5. hahaha the last pic is my favorite.

    yes kill that craving. i used to ignore my cravings cuz for awhile i was told that they pass.. but no, unless i give in, the craving will just get too big for me to handle. def. good to squash them by giving in a bit and making something delicious like you did!!

  6. Homemade pizza is the best! It looks delicious! Your dog is adorable 🙂

  7. dmcgirl37

    Your pizza looks soooo awesome!! yummm

    Dana xx

  8. Pizza looks goooood! I am surprising my fiance with a pizza tonight and it’s in the fridge and I am droooooooooooling, ha!

  9. Homemade pizza is always so much better than delivery. I always cheat and use a premade crust though. 😛 Your homemade dough looks so much doughier and chewier! Yummm.

  10. That pizza looks amazing. I’ve never made my own dough–I normally cheat and just get the top-heat-and-eat pizza crust from the store. Your dog is adorable–looks like he’s enjoying the sunshine!!

  11. Pingback: honestly…needing to up the calories | Eat to Live to Eat

  12. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    love the pizza- it sounds really good & i’m impressed that you even made your own dough.
    that dressing sounds delicious too! I know a lot of people make their own, but ilove trying different store bought kinds haha
    cute picture with your dog!!


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