Golf date and Vega review!

So yesterday, on my one day off this week, I went back to golf club but this time, I went to play, not work! I had promised my dad that I would take him (I get golfing privileges for me + 1) and since we both had the day off, we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and go play a few holes.

teeing off

Of course, that it really ended up just being a few holes (because a round of golf takes about 4 hours and we I got bored after about 5) but we had a lot of fun and I am now pretty sure I don’t like golf haha. I don’t have the patience to play because when you keep missing the ball like I do, even doing one round takes a verryyy long time.  My dad loved it though and I loved taking driving around and taking pictures so we had a good time all in all!

dad - golf pro

canadian geese are way more interesting

Since our tee off was early, I made breakfast to go! I got a Vega Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer – Vanilla Chai sample package a couple months ago but I had been afraid to try it because I have had pretty bad experiences with protein powders!  I find them really artificial tasting, gritty and it doesn’t keep me full at all. 

This meal replacement from Vega is “made exclusively from natural plant-based whole foods” and provide a whole whack of nutritious things like 100% of your RDI of vitamins and minerals (wow!), maca, probiotics, as well as lots of fibre and protein in each serving.

This was a lot better than the other powders I have tried but it still had a little grittiness.  For the great nutritional stats, yummy vanilla-y taste and filling factor (4 hours!), it’s definitely something I will repurchase!

I mixed a green monster of sorts and used approximately:

1) 1 cup frozen grapes

2) 1/2 cup Oasis Berry Pomegranate “Antioxia” juice

3) 1/2 cup milk

4) frozen banana

5) lots of spinach (2 cups?)

6) half package of Vega Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer – vanilla chai

7) handful of ice

blend baby blend


definite repurchase!


 I whirled that all up and served it in my sister’s HUGE Brock university travel mug.  She got it in her “Orientation package” (aka partying essentials) in her first year of university so even though it made almost 2 cups of liquid and it didn’t even fill the whole mug!

party cup

Then, we bought some groceries and came home.  A whole 5 hours later, I had lunch!  (This is crazy for me, I usually get hungry within 2-3 hours)

I had a snack-ish plate of cheesy eggs,

fluffy eggs

carrots and a really unripe pear that I was really craving,

very crunchy

a toasted honey oat sandwich thin (sooo yummy and you can really taste the honey!!)

perfectly toasted

and I had a mix of salsa and hummus for dipping!

all together now

It was a great lunch but I needed something sweet so my newly purchased gigantor strawberries came to the rescue! Seriously, how scary are these strawberries?? They are definitely not organic and nearly topping the “Dirty Dozen”, I know I shouldn’t buy them 😦

GMO fo' sho

Which fruits do you always buy organic?? I know that I should buy organic strawberries and apples, but these huge, unbruised, bright colored beauties always find their way into my shopping cart!

Anyways, I am off to get ready for a wedding banquet tonight so I will be back!  And I made homemade pizza using Jenna’s dough recipe and totally forgot about it so look forward to that in my next post!!

Have a great night!!



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7 responses to “Golf date and Vega review!

  1. You had a nice day it seems. I buy organic if its cheap or readily available. I don’t really have much choice (financial-wise) to be too picky!

  2. Those berries are enormous! I don’t buy a lot of organic food. I live in Nyc, where prices are already SO high. It’s 2 dollars more for organic berries, so i always end up buying conventional. Perhaps I can find other places to trim my food bill so I can fit in some more organic produce. (my romaine lettuce, carrots and cucumber are the only organic things)

  3. mmm what GREAT STRAWBERRIES!! those thangs are HUGE!! I do get organic apples.. bc I heard they are super toxic without!

  4. Ooh the weather looks amazing for golf! I don’t play golf though. Somehow, I have no chemistry whatsoever with any sport involving balls (I know how crude that sounds but you know what I mean. lol). I’m like a ball magnet and somehow, whether it’s a basketball or a soccer ball, they always end up whacking my face so I’ve decided to stay away from ball games. Don’t know if golf counts but I think so… although I do want to learn tennis. OK I’m going on… Hehe.

    I usually get blueberries and strawberries that are organic. I think it’s because the only ones they sell here tend to be organic. Lol. I don’t know if it’s psychological but they just taste sweeter!


  5. My strawberries are massive too! I find them a lot less sweet than the smaller, organic kind 😦 Love the idea of grapes in a GM, yum!

  6. Andrea

    Hey! Where do you get those sandwich thins? I’m from Toronto too and haven’t seen them anywhere!

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