Hi’s and highlights


First off, I just want to say thanks for all your sweet comments and e-mails!! I really love the blogworld and you guys make me so pumped to take pictures and post about my food/thoughts/life! and I want to say HI! to all new readers and encourage you to comment/email if you want! 

Now ready for some quick highlights of the week?? I have a feeling this might be a monster post so grab a snack and sit back!

Monday, I went to the gym with mom and did a boot camp and zumbaaaaa (that word makes me laugh everytime!) class!  I drank some 1% milk, great post-workout drink btw, had toast with cream cheese and jam (does anyone else do this??), more toast with pb and a banana on the side. 

dairy goodness

raspberry cheesecake anyone??

Then, when my friend came over, we hung out, had lunch and then went shopping! We were in Sephora for a good hour at least and painted our nails there. Hello free manicure! and then I did one toe and got yelled at.  There were signs saying “TRY ME!!” everywhere but apparently toes don’t count.  A 10 minute long (no joke) lecture later, I now know better but look crazy because one toe is HOT pink

I came home and had dinner which included my newest food favourite – green rice! (mix 1/2 an avocado with brown rice and a pinch of salt- super easy and creamy and tastes like avocado sushi without all the work!) 

green rice!

On Tuesday, I had a standard breakfast of plain yogurt, mom’s nature’s path optimum slim (not a fan), and lots of chopped fruit

yes I eat kiwi skin!

I usually LOVE Nature’s Path stuff (cereal and waffles especially!) but this stuff actually tasted like what people associate with “health food” – cardboard-y and airy!  It’s okay though because I have lots of stock of my favourites! 

Then, I went to yoga to stretch out my boot camp soreness (oh wow, who knew jabs and kicks could pack such a punch in your workout! pun intended 😉 ) then I went golfing with my friend from work!! It was my first time out (I know, I know, I worked all last year and didn’t even go once!) 

The first few holes were a LOT of fun and then it just got boring and frustrating because we were soo bad at it and didn’t know what we were doing at all! 

Of course the marshalls and cart shop guys were all watching and laughing so that didn’t help either haha!  But the weather was PERFECT and we had taken a golf cart out so we just drove around the course and visited with everyone who was out there! 

I had turkey, hummus, spinach mushroom, pepper and tomato wrap for lunch,


the spread


grilled up

Wednesday,  I made my dad and I french toast for breakfast using a mix of whole eggs and egg whites, cinn, dash of milk and whole wheat bread

french toast, banana slices, (ugly) leftover eggs!

Served with banana slices, pb and real local Canadian maple syrup!  It was actually made at a farm a couple hours from where I live!

I love canada

Then we went on a hike with Bud

where's waldo (buddy)?


And then I met up with my housemates!!! Even though it’s only been a month since we all moved out of our house, it felt like forever!  They are seriously like my family and I love’ em to death!  We went out for an indian buffet lunch and it was amazing as usual. 
One of the many things I love about them is that they can all eat.  We all eat healthy for the most part but indulge once in a while and we all love cooking. We have “potlucks” all the time and somebody is always watching the Food network at any given time 😀
Thursday, I worked from 1:30 to 10:30!  It was crazy and tiring but fun 🙂
Now its Friday! I took Bud to the groomer and now he looks HILARIOUS because he is all gangly and skinny! I think he needs a walk to cheer up so I’m going to go do that now.  And then french homework really needs to get done.
I have an early shift again tomorrow so I will be up at 4:30 am again!  I will be posting again tomorrow to tell you who the winner of the giveaway is!!  It will close tonight at midnight so get those comments in!!

Oh yeah and just one more thing I want to share with you guys – its too funny. 

happy dad

My dad and his ipad.  He’s been wanting one since he heard about it, tried to buy one in the States but they were sold out and so he ordered it online and it finally came today! He was literally jumping up and down and made me take a picture of him and his ipad hahaha! Happy Friday!



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7 responses to “Hi’s and highlights

  1. hey girl!! LOVE your eats- and you are hilarious.. zumba makes me laugh too!! haha. you are so cute!

  2. omg u got yelled at and lectured about painting ur toes!! thats funny and horribly sad all at the same time. aweeee.. but geez.. i would have done the same as u and started painting my toes!!

    canadian maple syrup!! u made me one proud canadian right now lol

    lol ur dad IS AWESOME!! 🙂

  3. ahah I love how men adore their technology! too funny.

    I actually really loved the optimum slim cereal. Thought it had a good crunch to it!
    mmm cream cheese + jam = ahmazing!

  4. Ohemgee thank you for reminding me how much I LOVE toast with cream cheese and jam! Going on the list.

    Also, I need your green rice, like, immediately. That is brilliant. Like sushi, but so easy!

  5. Haha that’s pretty funny about the sephora employee lecturing you! How embarrassing 🙂 Your hike also looks awesome! I wish I could get out of NYC and hike for the day

  6. Hollaaa to a fellow Canadian!

    YES I love the combo of cream cheese and jam! I used to have it all the time as a kid.

    I can easily spend an hour in Sephora too. I love to test out absolutely everything. I can’t believe that employee lectured you though! 😛

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