somebody call 911

Well blogpeople, sorry for the lack of posting but I’ve been busy conjuring up some good eats so I’m forgiven right??

We have had such gorgeous weather  these last few days so my dad and I have been making full use taking Bud on a long walk every morning!  Now wanting to waste a drop of sunshine, I even brought my oats with me some days! 

This was an even bigger bowl/mug of oats than usual because I pumped it up! I added 2 T of wheat bran near the end and mixed in lots of fresh strawberries.  It was delicious and filling and I even impressed myself with how much I could eat!

I used 1/2 cup oats, milk, water, a sliced banana, pinch of salt, cinn, 2T wheat bran and half a carton of strawberries!

car oats

 I love mornings and have no problem waking up because

1) It’s a new day and the sun is shining – what more could you ask for really??

2) one word: BREAKFAST

lots of berries

3) I get to take Buddy to the park and let him run around for an hour with the biggest, goofiest smile on his face – it makes my day!


4) While Buddy plays, my dad and I have time to walk and talk about anything and everything

me and dad

5) I am just excited to start another day and to see what unfolds; whether it’s plans with friends, work, reading on the porch, or nothing at all, I love it all!

But, I won’t pretend, when my 4:30 am wake up call came on Saturday morning, I was not at my best!  I had a 5:30 am shift for work but I also got to watch the sun rise over the golf course which was just beautiful and I was done by 1:30! So I had the rest of my Saturday free to do hang out and relax.  Well I was supposed to anyway. 

When I went out with my mom that afternoon, I saw the worst car accident I had ever seen in my life.  We were right there and saw the entire thing take place and honestly, it was unreal.  A car flipped over several times and slammed into an oncoming van which spun and crashed into a backyard, knocking down a fence! There were 4 cars involved, all of which were totaled but amazingly, no one was hurt

Since we had seen the whole thing, I called 911 right away and spoke to the operator and asked for an ambulance! I have never called the police before and it felt so wrong to be actually dialing 911. But the whole emergency crew came within minutes (I was impressed!) and got the situation under control. 

We had to stay for about an hour to give our accounts of what had happened and to give our information just in case we have to testify as witnesses.  But the whole thing was such an eye opener.  It happened in seconds and to see a cars flip and crash the way they did, it is just a reminder of how precious life is and how lucky we are to be alive! And to drive sensibly.  Road rage and speeding, not worth it guys.

But this is a food blog, so speaking of lucky, I have been enjoying some amazing summer-y foods!

baby carrots + hummus + salsa = so so soo good (please try!)

spicy, creamy, crunchy, yum

 minute brown rice + grilled shrimp + avocado

summer-y rice bowl

spinach salad with avocado + homemade burnt almond vinaigrette + brown rice + kale chips + grilled chicken and onions and mushrooms

dining al fresco

 closeup on the best vinaigrette (ever??) e-mail me for recipe!

I heart healthy fats

kale chips – even my dad asks for them!

crispity crunchity

I’ve also enjoyed quite a few meals out these last few days!  Again, this is something I am so proud of because for a while, I was so afraid of going out to eat.  I liked to know exactly what was in my food, how it was made and how many calories would be in a meal. I couldn’t stand ordering a bunch of dishes for the table to share because I would lose track of how much I was eating and that was just too scary for me.  Since then, I have learned to just relax and enjoy everything about eating at a restaurant – the company, the atmosphere, the not-having-to-prepare-your-own-food, and just the delicious food itself.  While this food is certainly not as healthy as you could make it at home, it is still fuel for your body and a part of normal eating. 

We went to my favourite Thai restaurant yesterday and we ordered all of our usuals to share!  It was all amazing.  What is it about Thai food that makes it so freakin’ good, SO hard to replicate at home and so pretty??

To start, we ordered the Fresh Salad Rolls.  Even though I can totally make these at home, there is something about them that makes me re-order them again and again.  They are packed with fresh lettuce, tofu, egg, red peppers, mango, cucumber and cilantro – no fillers like rice noodles in these babies! I dipped mine in a sweet chili sauce and peanuts!

colours and veggies: my fav

Then moved onto a SPICY Lemongrass and Shrimp Soup.  Wow Thai chefs can really pack a punch when they say spicy.  I couldn’t even handle more than 2 sips and clearly my mom couldn’t either! Guess I know where I got my weak tolerance from 😉

funny faced mom

We also ordered the Chicken Pad Thai which is seriously the best thing ever.  Thin, al-dente noodles, a tangy sauce, perfectly chewy tofu and white meat chicken, crunchy peanuts, and squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

the best chicken pad thai

 Mango Tofu with Vegetables – another favourite.  The tofu is lightly fried (thank God I overcame this fear, the bit of oil gives it an undeniably good, chewy texture and loads of flavour) and stir-fried with peppers, mango and pineapple, baby corn in a sweet and spicy sauce.

mango tofu

Pineapple Fried Rice – I normally don’t order fried rice but this was hands down the best I’ve ever had.  It was chock full of things like sweet pineapple chunks, creamy whole cashews, tender shrimp, and crisp veggies all mixed in a slightly spicy, saucy rice. SO good.

beautiful AND yummy - love it

We also ordered a Singapore Noodles which was curry flavored rice noodles with lots of veggies and shrimp.  Another winner!

singapore noooodles

Wow another monster post but there was lots to catch up on! So I want to know, do you like to eat out? And if so, where do you like to go?

And have you ever called 911??

One last thing, dont forget to enter my giveaway!! There are only a couple days left!

Goodnight all!



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10 responses to “somebody call 911

  1. Loving the big bowl of oats and your dog is too cute!!!!!

    I love thai, we got thai on friday nite!!!!!!!!! I always get some kind of tofu dish there and my fiance loves cashew chicken!!!!

    Glad you had a great weekend love!!! xoxo

  2. oats in ur car!! i love that! totally cute and portable! u always blow my mind with ur posts love!

  3. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I really enjoyed reading your story, and look forward to learning more about you in future posts!

    I can completely relate to the fear of eating out…I used to get so nervous when I didn’t have a “set portion” in front of me! But now it’s completely opposite! I love trying different dishes, just like you did during your Thai meal. Everything you ordered looks absolutely delish!

    Oh, and I’m a huge kale chip fan too!

  4. Love the picture of you with your dad. It’s lovely!!! And Thai food rocks my socks. And and and did you know? There’s really no such thing as Singapore noodles in Singapore so it always tickles me whenever I see it in other countries. But so long as it’s good, I have not qualms about it. x)

    Nat xoxo

  5. Hey Pretty Girl!!

    Where are you from in Canada?! I LOVE finding Canadian bloggers too haha I’m so glad you left me a message so I could find YOUR blog. That Thai food looks AHmazing. Is that your puppy? too cute!

  6. Those car oats look soooo good.. and I love that bowl! Or is it a mug? Some sort of hybrid mowl? Either way, it’s great 🙂

  7. What an awesome way to start each day with a walk on that amazing beach – jealous!

    MMMM…I LOVE Thai food and would’ve probably eaten everything you posted about 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my site and for sharing the same name as me 😀

  8. WOW, loving the GIANT car oats bowl. I kind of wish oatmeal bowls were just bottomless, how ideal would that be? 😉

    That car accident sounds terrifying. My friend once witnessed a huge one take place and she was completely traumatized, couldn’t drive for a while after it!

    I get a little anxious sometimes eating at restaurants. I love going out to eat but I take forever to decide because of that whole really having NO idea what’s going into your meal thing. I always try to make healthy(er) choices but sometimes you just don’t know what you’re getting. And I’ve ended up with some pretty disappointing meals before which just makes the whole thing all that much more frustrating. I’m trying not to care, go out more often and just ENJOY it though! Much nicer that way 🙂

  9. Mmm…berries! I made a huge fruit salad last night and have already made an impressive dent in it ;>

  10. Couple things…your Thai food looks AMAZING!!

    I am so jealous of your positive outlook on life. I wish I was like that! I am so negative and always stressed, blah!

    And yes, I called 911 when my car got keyed..I felt so silly but my dad told me too, ha!

    Anddd your dog is ADORABLE!!

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