downtown + CATS

woohoo back to back posts!! 

So on Tuesday, I had a little date with my mom! We both love musicals so we were both super excited to go watch CATS! We decided to go downtown a bit earlier to have lunch, shop, have dinner and then watch the show! 

Breakfast before heading dt was plain yogurt, 1/2 cup kashi h2h, 1/2 cup shredded spoonfuls, cin with a mango, cut and flipped inside out for easy spoonage (neat trick to avoid having to peel the skin!) and fresh bluebs

yog, cereal n fruit

 I love mango but I can’t have a lot of it because it makes my stomach gurgle haha.  Apparently this happens to a lot of people??   

oh so pretty

When we got dt, we walked over to Kensington Market, a block in the heart of Toronto known for its fresh produce stands, vegetarian restaurants, cute cafes and little shops!  It’s very ecclectic, busy and colorful – definitely my kind of place. 

4 Life Natural organic produce store - love the sign!

After wandering around all the little stores and oohing and ahhing at all the adorable but totally useless home/kitchen accessories we both love, we stopped at a tiny hole-in-the-wall vegan place for lunch!  I had read lots of good reviews on Hibiscus and it was great!  Although I am not vegetarian or vegan and do not see myself becoming one anytime soon, I still really enjoy vegan meals and love trying faux-meat products and substitutes!  

mom sitting on the patio at Hibiscus!

I ordered the Soup and Salad Special which featured a sampling of all the salads prepared that day + their Soup of the Day which was Carrot and Beet. 

soup and salad - best of both worlds

Guys, it was all amazing!! I had never eaten at a vegan restaurant before and I was really impressed.  I don’t know how they did it but everything tasted refreshing, light, flavourful and hearty all at the same time! 

outdoor patio style seating! I loved!

The soup was yummy – really earthy and sweet but the salad was just perfect! The mix of 6 salads plus extra veggies meant every bite was different and just as amazing as the last. 

salad sampling

I wish I had asked what was in this exactly, but now I have an excuse to go back!  There was quinoa salad, dried cranberries, shredded beets and carrots, peanut sauce tofu, bean salad, seasoned broc and green beans and bulgar

Next, we headed to the St. Lawrence Market which was about an hour’s walk away from where we were! It ended up taking us about 2 hours but thank God the map app on  the iPhone!  We got lost more than a few times but the weather was gorgeous so we just enjoyed our walk around the city. 

The St. Lawrence Market was another cute open market with lots of fresh fish/meat/cheese/produce stands but unfortunately most things were sold out by the time we got there!  I did get an apple though! and ate it but I don’t have a picture!

All the walking around in the sun was making us hungry and hot so after some searching on the iPhone and more wandering, we arrived at…Yogen Fruz! 

swirls of yum

This was a small vanilla frozen yogurt with real raspberries and mango blended in! Perfect. 

Our food adventure continued when we walked back to a crepe place that we saw earlier in the day as we were going to Kensington market.  The second my mom saw the French man making crepes in the open window, she declared that we needed to go there for dinner so we had to go back and make that happen!

We decided to split a ham, swiss and egg crepe and each get our own dessert crepe!

classic savoury crepe - ham, egg and cheese

I went with the classic banana and nutella crepe and it was delish!! Nutella makes me so nostalgic for my summer spent in Paris (3 years ago now??)

marry me french chef!

banana nutella innards


And then it was time for CATS! We walked another half hour to Canon Theatre where the show was being held and I took the obligatory picture by the poster 😉

outside Canon Theatre

It was such an entertaining show! I am always so amazed by the talented dancers and musicians and their dedication and passion for what they do. And of course the music was beautiful! I love the songs from CATS especially Magical Mr. Mistoffelees and Memory!

Do you know these songs? Any favourite songs from musicals?

Anyways, that’s a recap of a great day! Thanks Mom!

What kinds of things do you do, just you and your mom?



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10 responses to “downtown + CATS

  1. That sounds like such a fun day! Your mango looks so pretty. And those crepes look to die for! I’ve never had a savory one but I bet it was delish. Anddd did I hear Dunkaroo giveaway?! =P

  2. ive heard of those nutella crepes being made before! i love that u took pictures for us to see! that would be so yummy!

    when i fly out there next im gonna go to Hibiscus… i want that bowl u got!!! that is so big and healthy! id love to order it 🙂

    btw you’re so gorgeous! and your mom looks SO YOUNG! amazing skin- both of you! mom dates are the best 🙂 ❤

  3. you and your mom had such a fun day!! how cute.

    that salad looks really good! why cant i ever make the same salads they make at restaurants??

    my mom and i like to just walk around and browse for things at random places like target. we get our household stuff bought and she can buy a few shirts here and there. i chime in if i like it or not 🙂

  4. Loving your blog too! Thanks so much for stopping by mine!! The crepe looks DELISH!!!!!!!!!

    What a fun day, so sweet to spend the day with your mom!!!!

    The calcium gummy bears are so good!! I have to try to not eat them like their candy, lol

  5. Aw you and your mom are so cute! That seems like a super fun trip you guys had! I’ve never been to a vegan restaurant either but I would lovee to go and explore new foods! And even though the walk from the restaurant to the market was long- I’m sure the walk on a beautiful day was worth it!
    &Mango doesn’t hurt my stomach, but I have a pretty strong tummy 🙂

    ps FroYo looks amazinggg!

  6. You look gorgeous girl! I LOVE your outfit. That vegan restaurant sounds awesome – definitely a must visit for me next time I visit Toronto! I love yogen fruz too, so good. Glad the musical was great – I haven’t seen Cats but I love going to musicals.

  7. First off, that mango looks amazing!! The brilliant orange! OMG!

    Secondly, I have to tell you that you and your Mum and both GORGEOUS! I swear it must be the genes. Lucky you! Hehe.

    And I love spending quality mother-daughter time. It always reminds me of how awesome my mum is and how we can do cool stuff together even if we’re not the same age. Strengthens our bonds you know what I mean?

    I’ve watched chitty chitty bang bang the musical and loved it so much I bought the dvd and the soundtrack. It’s still one of my favourites. I wanted to watch Catz when they came to Singapore last year but it was too last minute to purchase the tickets. =( Ah well.. next time round right? Hehe.


  8. I LOVE crepes, especially with nutella!!!!

  9. Your lunch looks so great. I am so indecisive about food so that is seriously a brilliant idea- sample like six different things in one meal!

    I love almost all musicals… except Cats! Which I hate! But I’m glad you enjoyed it 😀

  10. I really do love your blog. So nice you had a lovely time with your mom.

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