I’m a machine + giveaway!


  I’m a machine.  In 4 days, I worked 35 hours! Granted, when work looks like this   

my hut under a tree

and you get to eat all this   

packed and ready to go

and you make $75 tips in one day for doing practically nothing, (no joke, my first thought: I can’t wait to go grocery shopping!!) it’s not all that bad 😉   

So I thought I would do a different post today and show you all the stuff I ate during my 10 hour shift in a hut!     

On Sunday, I packed a bunch of easy food like a pbj sandwich, apple, carrots, bars because it was my first shift outside and I didn’t know if I would have time to eat and I didn’t want it to go bad being out in the sun for so long.    

But, the thing with me is that if I have a lot of food, I eat a lot of food.  I’ll remember that I have a Clif bar and think “mmhm I love Clif bars” and eat it just because.  So basically, I spent my entire shift out there eating and reading (American Wife, from Jenna’s book list! its really good so far!) and selling the occasional hot dog or beer!  It was amazing.    

Then on Monday, I wanted to see if I really was eating all the time so I put the timestamp on my pictures!  So starting with breakfast (no timestamp, my genious idea didn’t come to me yet but I can tell you it was about 9:00)   

Started with a chopped + cinnamoned pear,   

chopped pear with cinnamon

then 2% plain yogurt was added,   

pouring yogurt

more cinnamon was sprinkled,   

very necessary

finally ~cup of nature’s path optimum and ~1/2 cup bran flakes were added to finish this masterpiece   

mountain of cereal

After that deliciousness,  

10am – off to work! Load up golf cart (omg soo fun to drive!!!)  

11am – arrive at my hut.  Set up the barbeque and pop some hot dogs on the grill   

12:07pm – hungry! time for an apple  

view from the hut

1:19pm- Apples just make you more hungry. enter: brussels sprouts, 2 sweet potatoes cut into chunks and 1 zucchini, sliced – all roasted   

my wheels - golf cart (where I sit) and BBQ!

4:07 – Lots of beers and hot dogs later, spinach salad with roasted buttercup squash, feta, cranberries and almonds   

walk up window

5:27 – Umm that salad didn’t do anything. enter: half pbj sandwich grilled on the bbq!   

my kind of hot dog

6:06 – I want the other half.  Who stops at half a pbj?? other half of pbj, grilled of course  

grilled and yummy

7:30 – pack up, drive back to the clubhouse, count till, say bye to jealous friends who had to work inside that day 😦  

8:00pm – dinnertime! bean, mushroom, hummus and cheese quesadilla with more roasted veg  

summer is for grilling

10:00pm – fireworks!  

blurry but pretty

and that was my day! 10 hours of relaxing outside work 🙂  

What is your summer job/career? Are you enjoying it??   

And finally, the long awaited GIVEAWAY!!   

To really get my blog up and running and to thank you all for reading, I wanted to do a little giveaway of my favourite bars and other yummy things  

up for grabs

So what do we have here?    

2 Nature’s Path Energy Bars (yummy and hearty) 

Blueberry Flax and Soy 

– Orange Chocolate 

Clif bar (#1 workout snack) 

– chocolate chip 

2 Larabars (my 2 favourites so far!) 

Key Lime Pie 

– Cherry Pie 

Dunkaroos! (fav kid snack) 
Kind Fruit and Nut Bar (energizing!) 

Fruit and Nut Delight 

2 Sunbutter spread packets (great for drizzling!) 
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! (just amazing) 
Coupons for 

FREE Earnest Eats plank or bar (I really enjoy these and they’re super filling) 

– (2) 35 cents off coupons for Earnest Eats 

To enter this giveaway, you can (in seperate comments), 

what kind of smoothie am I?

 1) Guess what kind of smoothie it is aka. guess all the ingredients ( there are 6 things! )  

2) tell me that you linked this giveaway on your blog 

3) tell me that you added me to your blogroll

The last day to enter the giveaway is Friday June 4th, 2010 so that gives you a little over a week to enter! I will pick a winner on Saturday and get those bars sent right out to the lucky winner! 

I am so excited for this first giveaway so get those comments in!  

I will be doing a recap of yesterday’s trip downtown to see CATS soon but here’s a preview: 

a row of Nutella + french chefs can only mean...

Can you guess what we ate??



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29 responses to “I’m a machine + giveaway!

  1. lo

    1. cutest giveaway ever.
    2. apples and salad always make me hungrier 15 minutes later.
    3. dunkaroos were my lunch time snack, afternoon snack and dinner snack..i loved that stuff.
    4. I am going to guess that this is cherry, chocolate protein powder, some kind of non-dairy milk, banana, spinach, and stevia?
    5. added u to the blogroll!


  2. i think its…chocolate, protein, almond milk, a banana, stevia and spinach.

  3. i’m the same way, i eat lots of food when i have lots of food. maybe i shouldn’t have so much? lol.

    you’re on my google reader.

  4. girl- i LOVE your blog!! love the way you eat! im a total snacker/random/foodie too! good call on adding the yogurt there! that makes everything better!

  5. thanks for finding my blog and for ur comment! I LOVE YOURS! yay canadian chickies! i totally wanna win this giveaway too! omg! lol

    im guessing a strawberry chocolate protein smoothie.. with cinnamon and stevia…?

  6. Love your great blog and your about me pictures are gorgeous!

    I am going to guess almond milk, protein powder, strawberries, banana, sugar substitute, and ice??

    American Wife is a great book. I loved it too.

  7. I think the smoothie is chocolate (either cocoa powder or chocolate protein poweder), milk, strawberries, perhaps a sweetener and ice 🙂

  8. I’m going to guess milk, blueberries, chia seeds, PB, and protien powder. Were we right?

  9. umm i’ll guess
    berries, spinach, a banana, milk, PB, and protein powder?
    This giveaway is so fun + I LOVE bars 🙂

    & girl, you are a machine for working that much! But at least you’re reading and eating and keeping yourself busy- that’s exactly what I would be doing if I were you!

  10. & I’m putting you on my blogroll!!

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  12. victoria lester

    1) Guess what kind of smoothie it is aka. guess all the ingredients ( there are 6 things! )
    1. Raspberry’s
    2. orange juice
    3. sugar
    4. vanilla lime juice
    5. ice
    6. lime juice

  13. Hi!! New to your blog!! Just discovered it!!

    1. Hmmm…not sure what’s in your smoothie….strawberries, ice, sugar sub., protein powder…Im not good at this..LOL!

    Looking forward to reading future blogs!!

  14. Your giveaway is linked onto my blog! Check it out!! Have a great week!!

  15. Hmmm.. I think it has chocolate protein powder, soymilk, spinach, a banana, stevia and ice!

  16. Added you to my Google reader because I don’t have a blogroll…does that count?? 🙂

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  18. that smoothie looks like it is banana, almond milk (or another kind of milk?), cinnamon, chocolate, and maybe cherries?

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  20. Where do you work?!

  21. maren

    nice giveaway! i used to love dunkaroos as well! id guess the smoothie has a banana, strawberries (or other berry?), spinach, chocolate protein powder, almond milk (or other milk), and ice!???

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