Go with it

Hey guys!

I had a full day of hangin’ around doing nothing yesterday and it was well, pretty fantastic 🙂

This is a big deal for me because for a long time, I was always anxious to be doing something, anything and staying busy all the time.  When I was younger, I had a class or lesson every single day of the week (gymnastics most days, ballet, soccer, guitar, swimming, art, etc.etc) and I loved it.  I guess I got used to doing something all the time so when I had some down time, I’d feel lost.  These days, I love spontaneity and just going with it.  It’s less stressful and wayyy more fun this way 😀

So onto my random eats!

For breakfast I discovered a new cereal in the cupboard so of course, I went for it.  It also helped that this was Kashi Go lean Crunch, my favvv Kashi cereal! I just don’t get it that often because I love it so much that I end up eating it everyday (multiple times).  Its so bad that my jaws get tired. I just love my cereal.

Anyways! In an attempt to delay the process, because we all know it’s gonna happen, I mixed ~cup with a half cup of bran flakes, 1 cup plain 2% yogurt with cinn and had a sliced apple on the side.

After my dad and I took Bud on an hour long walk, I decided to do a little yoga and stretching because I was still SO sore from the boot camp on Monday!  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing?

After some homework (I’m taking an online french essay course), I had a snack while I worked on making lunch! Watermelon wedges and an orange. 

I needed a snack because lunch was all things roasted!  When I scavenged the kitchen for food, I found a buttercup squash, sweet potatoes, tofu, brussels sprouts and kale! I was so excited to finally make kale chips after seeing them all over the blogosphere and boy were they were tastyy!

I love roasting things but am soo impatient.  Between the chopping (hacking), spraying, waiting, flipping, waiting again, and waiting more for it to cool, I get hungry so I snack and then I’m not all that hungry by the time its all done. But seriously, does anyone else find cutting squash to be a mission and a half??

Anyways, 2 hours later, I had

– tofu cubes, marinated in a mix of soya sauce, honey, rice wine vinegar (the stuff used to make sushi rice), lemon juice and sesame oil and then baked for about 20 mins, flipped, then baked for another 15

buttercup squash cubes, roasted til they were super sweet and easily pokeable with a fork

sweet potato fries, sprayed with PAM, sprinkled with cinn and roasted til crispy (about the same time as the tofu)

brussels halves, sprayed with PAM, dashed with salt and pep, roasted til outer leaves crispy (same as sp and tofu)

KALE CHIPS!! leaves ripped off stems, washed and spun in a salad spinner til completely dried, sprayed with PAM, sprinkled with salt and baked on the top rack for about 15 mins, flipping once

orange roasted things


green roasted things

Everything was delish but made me really thirsty! I must have had like 2-3 huge glasses of water right after this.  But after that, I had a massage (my mom has a masseuse that comes to our house every so often because she has neck/shoulder pains) that was supposed to help get rid of my allergies and sinuses! It seemed to help a bit but I also took a Reactine so who knows! Either way, I feel better 😀

Then I took Bud for a walk again, this time to my best friend’s house.  We hadn’t really planned to hang out or anything but she lives about a 10 minute walk away so I decided to go visit just because.  I ended up staying there a couple of hours and ate an unpictured super sweet mango while watching Ellen and letting our dogs play!  We were also looking at All-Inclusive vacation packages because we really want to go somewhere together this summer but cruises have a minimum age requirement of 21 so we can’t go ourselves 😦 Does anyone have any recommendations for all-inclusive resorts?? I’d love any (cheap!) vacation suggestions for 19 year olds!

 We are also moving this summer and the people buying our house needed to take measurements or something so my parents came by to pick me up to go out for dinner.  We were all craving fresh and filling food so sushi fit the bill perfectly!  Since it was pretty impromptu, I didn’t have my camera with me, sorry!  I can tell you that we ordered a dragon roll and 42 pieces of sushi, miso soup, salad with a great ginger dressing and green tea ice cream for dessert! I love love love sushi and had tons 😀 Salmon (my fav sushi) and avocado (in lots of my fav rolls – california, dragon, just plain avocado) both have lots of healthy fats and just taste amazing in combination with the slightly sweetened rice, chewy seaweed and salty soya sauce!

Then today, I had this bowl of goodness for breakfast before heading to work! It was gorgeous outside so I ate in the backyard. 

Strawberry banana oats!

In the bowl was 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup 1% milk, 1/2 cup water, 2 T chia, 1 sliced banana, pinch of salt all cooked in the microwave for two 2 minute intervals, then topped with a bunch of sliced strawberries! Still hungry after this (oats never seem to fill me?), I had a grapefruit but I’ll spare you the picture because it was gross.  Maybe its me, but grapefuits dont ever photograph nicely!

After a million really boring hours of work (seriously, my coworker and I fought over who got to fill salt and pepper shakers), I came home, had dinner similiar to this one

Tipalia in a sweet corn sauce, green beans, broc and rice.  Except this time, I had brown rice!

 Dessert followed of course 😀 A big M&M cookie. 

And that, my friends, summarizes the highlights of my last 2 days! I have a day off tomorrow so I will be posting again, and look forward to a giveaway soon!! Goodnight!



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2 responses to “Go with it

  1. All-inclusive resorts? I can only think Bali but I’m guessing that’s a liiiiittle too far from where you are. Lol. Sounds like you did have a nice relaxing day. I’m getting used to trying not to keep active the whole day. It’s great but when night comes, I usually start getting a little moody. I still like to feel as though I’ve had a full day but definitely, lazy days are needed to give our body the rest it needs! x)

    Nat xoxo

  2. ohhh your eats look amazing!

    the dinner plate! the cereal! the watermelon! and i really really would like to know what it is like to have days to do whatever. gah, i want.

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