Just get the burger

I’m back!! Sorry about not posting yesterday…when I realized that the finale of Survivor was on, I called some friends over to watch and have a little Survivor party!  I just LOVE this show. haha I know it is the 20th season and pretty much no one watches anymore but I still watch every episode (I am just a little obsessed ;-))

Any other Survivor fans out there?? Or reality TV at least?

Anyways, onto healthy dim sun choices!

As I mentioned in my last post, the way you order is to write down how many of each dish you want on a menu/order sheet.  Like this:

Next, what to choose?? 

As you can see, the dishes are organized into several categories (steamed, pan-fried etc.) so that makes it a lot easier to choose healthy.  Like most other types of cuisine, steamed is probably your best bet as no added oil/salt is used in the cooking process.   Deep frying and pan-frying does add great texture and flavour but be careful because the rice and cruellers soak up tons of oil so you may be consuming more unhealthy fats than you want.  Also a lot of these dishes are served with sauces like oyster sauce or soya sauce both of which have lots of sodium.


Fried and soya sauce-d

Another thing: chinese food is white.  White rice, white rice noodles, white flour buns, you get the picture.  To put it bluntly, you won’t find whole wheat options here so just enjoy the sweeter, smoother taste and if anything, it’ll make you appreciate your next meal of nutty brown rice and textured whole grain bread that much more!

What IS this??

While some things are pretty self-explanatory (shrimp and vegetable dumpling), others like glutinous rice with chicken…not some much.  To find out what they are, either ask your server, diners around you or the easiest thing, look at pictures and what people around you are eating.  Don’t be afraid to experiment because these dishes are small (like 3 to 4 dumplings kind of small) and pretty cheap ($2 a plate).  But if you don’t wanna try things like chicken feet, I don’t blame ya because I’ve never even touched one in my life!

I normally order things from the steamed section.  My favourite is the Bamboo Leaf Wrapped Glutinous Rice.  A special type of rice gets wrapped up in bamboo leaves along with fillings like dates, chicken, egg yolk or beans and is steamed/boiled for a long time (3 or 4 hours).  This long cooking process makes the rice really chewy and sticky and lets the flavour of the bamboo leaves infuse into the rice giving it a nutty taste.  Alongside the dish, you are given sides of sugar and soya sauce for dipping.  Sweet, savoury or au naturel (how I like it), being wrapped in a pyramidal shape and tied with a string, these are a lot of fun to open and eat!

Bamboo wrapped glutinous rice

Finally, drink up! Tea that is.  When you go for dim sum, you are always given a pot of herbal tea and as you probably know, tea has lots of nutritional benefits!

Here are just some of them:

– aids digestion

– lowers blood cholesterol, blood pressure

– strengthens immune systems

– has antibacterial, antioxidant, antiseptic and detoxifying properties

– can prevent cancer, heart disease and arthritis

Hopefully that gives you a little insight about dim sum dining but onto today’s eats!

I woke up to the best pre-gym snack: a banana w/ about 2 tbsp of pb

Then I went to a boot camp class and then a Zumba class with my mom! I love both these classes because the boot camp is INTENSE and makes me feel so strong 🙂 and Zumba is just FUN!

Do you have either of these classes at your gym? And if so, do you like them?

When I got back, I took Bud for a quick walk and then I needed a real breakfast! I piled ~1 cup of nature’s path blueberry optimum cereal + some bran flakes + cinn + handful of chopped almonds on top of ~1 cup of plain 2% yogurt (Liberte brand) with a bowl of summer (pineapples and melon) on the side! It was perfectly refreshing and great refuelage after a workout!

Then I showered, read blogs, answered e-mails, and got this from the lovely FedEx man!!

LARABARS!!! I am SO excited to try the pb and j bar!! I have only tried one Larabar, the cashew cookie one, and it was just okay.  I’m really hoping I’ll like this one though because the ingredients are simple and the nutritionals are great 😀

This was a sample pack that I recieved from the wonderful people at Larabar (thanks a million!!) and the flavours included were:

– peanut butter and jelly (!!)

– cashew cookie

– cherry pie

– key lime pie

Which one should I try first??

Then I headed off to lunch here with my best friend since grade 4! They have the best homemade (restaurant-made?) burgers and seriously, I don’t even like beef.  Or burgers.  But every time I come here, I just have to get the burger.  It came with a side salad and in all my excitement, I totally forgot to take a picture, sorry! Don’t worry though, I will get one next time and believe me, there will be a next time 😉

And I can’t forget dessert! I got a mini oreo cheesecake sampler and it was just the right size to end off the meal on a sweet note without making me feel overly stuffed.

While I do love cooking and making my own meals, its always nice to go out, indulge a bit and catch up with friends!

We shopped for awhile and then it was time to go home.  For dinner tonight, we fired up the (george foreman) grill, and grilled some zucchini, mushrooms, chicken, lobster (!!) and had some steamed baby bok choy and brown rice on the side.  These are all favourites of mine and the fact that it was all grilled made it even better!  I think everything tastes better grilled.

I had this x 2! I guess my workout caught up with me!

And dessert tonight was just as good! Cinnamon-ed pear with an almond butter drizzle and more ab on the side plus more from the spoon 😉

Phew, that was a monster of a post. Thanks for reading and have a great night!!



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4 responses to “Just get the burger

  1. Love love love Larabars! Cashew Cookie’s actually one of my favourites! Hehe. As is Peanut Butter Cookies and PB&J. AnyHooOo… the dim sum looks great! The nice thing about dim sum is that they usually come in small bites that everyone can share. Makes eating all the more enjoyable when you can spread the love right? x)

    OMG! Survivor! I’m not a die-hard fan but I caught the last bit of this season. I really wanted Russell to win just because I was bummed about him not winning the other time around. Or at least Parvati should have won. Somehow, I just didn’t think Sandra did the game justice in terms of strategy and shizz. Ah well… I’ll stop here in case I start going into a full-on rant. Lol.

    Am enjoying your blog by the way! Keep up with the great work hun! I’ll be back! x)

    Nat xoxo

  2. hey Danica! (lovely name btw) thanks for stopping by my blog! i’m really enjoying yours as well. i love dim sum!!! (my dad’s from hong kong, so i gotta love it, right?) my favorite dum sum dish would have to be har-gao (shrimp dumpling); they also have dumplings with fish and veggies in them… which i think are pretty healthy!! i love to indulge in dessert too though – my favorite are the black sesame balls covered in peanut/sugar… sooooooo good!

    i got the sample pack of larabars too… my favorite was definitely the PB&J (though i’ve never had a PB&J sandwich, can you believe it?!)… the cashew cookie was my second favorite (though a little dry and not as flavorful) – the key lime pie has a very sour kick to it, but is quite good, and my least favorite was cherry pie… just not a fan of cherry things in general. let me know what you think after you try them!

  3. Meg

    Oh my gosh, I wish I had more foreign food to try – this all looks amazing! I love dumplings! I wouldn’t know what to settle on either, haha!

    Definitely try the Cashew Cookie lara – tastes like cookie dough! Heck, ALL of them are amazing!!

    Have a great week 🙂

  4. sticky rice is the bomb diggity!!

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