Dog days and dim sum

Hello and welcome to the weekend! I am so excited because we are supposed to have warm weather starting this weekend! hurray for summer!

Yesterday when I left, I had just finished an old favourite for breakfast.  Plain yogurt, kashi h2h, banana slices, blackberries, plenty of cinn on top and an unpictured peanut butter spoon.

Tummy filled, I set out with my parents to take our dog, Buddy, on a long walk/hike.  Now, he is usually pretty well-behaved when we let him run around off-leash but he has his bad days too, yesterday being one.  He dug up a couple of bagels, proudly brought them back to me and proceeded to scarf them down in front of me.  I know it could have been worse (he’s brought me mice, bunnies, you name it) but I just hate it when he does this because I’m afraid whatever he finds has rabies/is poisoned etc.  but he seemed okay and if anything, had even more energy!

Do you let your dogs run off-leash? Have they brought you any “presents”?

I had a snack of an apple with crunchy pb (Smuckers natural – lovee) and then lunch before work was turkey, spinach, tomato and feta in a toasted pita.

closeup with tomato added

It was my first day back at work (I worked at the same golf course last summer as a waitress) and it was so good to see everybody + meet the new girls! I loved working there last summer and am hoping to work outside on the carts or the halfway house this year! 

Where have you worked and what was/is your favourite job?

At work, I had a snack of banana with pb and a berry bran muffin with more pb! Seriously these muffins make great snacks! The mix of fibre and healthy fats held me over quite well until I got off work to have dinner at home.

Today, after a leisurely breakfast of yogurt, nature’s path blueberry optimum (only cereal that actually keeps me full), bran flakes, chopped almonds with a sliced pear (and newspaper) on the side, I had my teeth cleaned, bought some things and then it was time for lunch!

Pears are my number 1 favourite fruit right now.  and I like the red ones best-dont know why! This one kind of looks like an apple though.

My parents wanted to have dim sum and because I hadn’t had chinese food for a long time (being away at school), I agreed 🙂

For those of you who haven’t had dim sum before, the way it works is you write down on the order sheet how many of each plate (kind of like a tapa) you want and everyone at the table shares the dishes.  It’s nice because you get to try a little bit of everything!  We ordered a bunch of things, some healthy and others not as much.  Here’s a peek but I will do a post tomorrow on how to make healthy choices at dim sum restaurants!

"Steamed rice noodle w/ Fried Crueller"

"Shrimp and Vegetable Dumplings"

Roti wrapped beef

 "Glutinous Rice w/Chicken"

Do you like chinese food? Have you ever tried dim sum?

I love it after going a long time without eating it (like a year) but I think having grown up eating it, its nothing too special.

Be back tomorrow!



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4 responses to “Dog days and dim sum

  1. uhh I don’t like chinese food.. Idk why, All the sauces gross me out!! Lol. I LOVE kashi H2H though, I eat it A LOT!

  2. HEY GIRL!!
    Ahh love the blog!! I seriously am craving chinese food now 🙂 i havent had it in FOREVER. and the dog thing- sometimes he needs a leash, my dog is sooo ENERGETIC!

  3. EM

    Hey babe! Thanks for the comment, and I love your blog! All the food looks soooo yummy. Hope your are starting your week off wonderfully! ❤ Em

  4. MMM! That lunch with the toasty pita looks phenomenal!

    I’ve never had dim sum, but I do like chinese!

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